TLMI Recognizes Five Member Companies for Sustainability Leadership

TLMI announces that five association members were awarded TLMI Calvin Frost Sustainability Leadership Awards at the association’s recent Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona. The awards are an eponymous tribute to one of our industry’s most respected sustainability thought leaders and longtime member, Calvin Frost of Channeled Resources Group.
Since 2002, the TLMI Sustainability Leadership Awards have recognized association converter and supplier members who have consistently demonstrated a commitment to progressive sustainability practices across a range of areas including solid waste reduction, recycling, waste or energy recovery, the implementation of new ‘clean’ technology and/or processes and the implementation of an educational program. Two years ago, the Sustainability Leadership Awards Committee redesigned the award application process to recognize sustainability achievements and efforts at all levels, regardless of where a company might be on their evolving sustainability journey. Companies can submit applications in the following three categories:

  • The Trailhead Award:  For companies in the early stages of their sustainability journey.

  • The Journey Award:  For companies that are further along in their sustainability journey.

  • The Elevation Award:  For companies with sophisticated in-house sustainability programs and that are making a significant industry impact.

The winner of the 2022 Trailhead Award was Resource Label Group (RLG). The company’s examples of how their sustainability efforts have relevance to others in the industry were a submission standout. Not only does RLG share the company’s environmental impacts, they also show in detail how they reach their goals. Judges were also impressed with the way that the company maintains a connection to academia for both workforce and innovation in addition to having a sustainability fellow on staff every year.
The judges also presented a Recognition Award to NOSCO for the company’s extensive social engagement efforts.
The converter winner of the 2022 Journey Award was ICONEX. The company impressed judges with the level of social impact it’s having in the industry. ICONEX is actively engaged in sharing information within a converting association that they created and lead in addition to the extensive description in their submission of the company’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting structure internally outlining their culture of employee care.
The supplier winner of the 2022 Journey Award was Sun Chemical based on the company’s sustainability-focused products, reduced impact on the environment, training, seminars, sharing of information, and active social media.
The winner of the 2022 Elevation Award was Syracuse Label and Surround Printing (SLSP). The judges were extremely impressed with the high level of detail given in their submission and the way that SLSP has earned Sustainable Green Printing Partnership certification in addition to being 100% landfill-free. SLSP is also extremely focused on employee wellness and social impact, having a very sophisticated tracking protocol for all of the company’s impacts. SLSP is an employee-owned company (ESOP), further demonstrating the investment in employee empowerment and job satisfaction.
TLMI’s Vice President of Sustainability, Rosalyn Bandy, comments, “I would like to personally congratulate all of this year’s winners of the Calvin Frost Sustainability  Leadership Awards. I want to also thank Aimee Peacock and the entire Awards Committee once again for their hard work and for taking the awards selection process so seriously. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives are driving the next revolution in best business practices. As brands and label buyers continue to increase pressure on businesses to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, it’s essential that converters and suppliers are able to share their strategies and success stories with one another in addition to being honored for their hard work and dedication.”

Kathy Alaimo, President, Syracuse Label and Surround Printing, accepting the Elevation Award from Calvin Frost

Dennis Sweet, VP Sun Chemical Corp, accepting the Journey Award from Calvin Frost

Mike Sethna, Director of R&D, Iconex, accepting the Journey Award from Calvin Frost

Tim Bohlke, Director of Sustainability, Resource Label Group, accepting the Trailhead Award from Calvin Frost