Multi-Label Tech-Print Unlocks New Markets with Domino N610i

By: Domino Printing Sciences

Label converter Multi-Label Tech-Print is celebrating the recent addition of a Domino N610i digital label press as a significant milestone in its journey of innovation and excellence in printing services. With the successful integration of the Domino N610i into its UV Graphics flexo line, which features stations for inline priming, cold foiling, and varnishing, Multi-Label Tech-Print has achieved a remarkable transformation.

The Domino N610i has boosted Multi-Label Tech-Print’s overall operational efficiency and opened new markets, thanks to the ability to provide high-quality short-volume runs for end customers. Sameer Pancholi, Printing Supervisor, highlights the versatility and efficiency of the Domino N610i: “Today, we are proud to offer label printing on various substrates, catering to diverse industries from pharmaceutical and cosmetics to food and beverage. The Domino N610i, when combined with flexo printing units for inline priming, cold foiling, and varnishing, has significantly enhanced our efficiency, resulting in savings through increased productivity and substantial waste reduction.”

Located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Multi-Label Tech-Print is part of the Multi Printers Group, one of the leading offset printing solution providers in the region. The subsidiary was formed in 2023 to pursue innovation and growth in the label printing industry and supplies leading brands in the region.

“We always strive to stay ahead of the curve,” says Sanjay Kikani, one of the partners at Multi-Label Tech-Print. “With the rapid evolution of printing technology, it became imperative for us to invest in innovative technology that could elevate our label printing capabilities and help us fulfil our customer’s requirements.”

Tushar Sutariya, Partner at Multi-Label Tech-Print, also comments on their journey to digital label printing: “After thorough research on the available flexo printing machines and discussions with industry experts, we realized that digital printing is the way for us to cater to diverse and varying volume requirements of our customers.”

The team first encountered the Domino N610i digital label press at Labelexpo India and was impressed with its capabilities. A 600dpi full-color label press capable of running at 50 meters per minute, the N610i combines quality, efficiency, and reliability. The press is driven by Domino’s Generation 6 technology, which is approaching 1,000 installations worldwide.

“We believed the press would be the perfect solution to meet our label printing requirements and agreed to have an in-person demonstration of the machine, printing our own samples,” remembers Sutariya. “We were impressed by the way the entire demonstration was handled. The color reproduction matched our existing offset-printed labels closely. The N610i’s advanced features and impressive performance convinced us it was the right investment for our business.”

Partnering with Domino has been instrumental in Multi-Label Print-Tech’s success. Kikani comments: “More than just selling a digital label press, Domino has been a supportive partner. Their Digital Solutions Programme is comprehensive and focused on the success of label printers. Their unwavering support, from installation to service, regular handholding, and continuous engagement has instilled confidence in our operations. Thanks to Domino, our label business has seen a remarkable increase in terms of volume and net new customers.”

“The team at Multi-Label Tech-Print are always eager to learn and offer something new to their brand customers,” says Ajay RaoRane, Vice President of Digital Printing at Domino Printech India LLP. “Our entire team enjoys working and collaborating with them. I have a lot of confidence in their capabilities to scale their labelling business to new heights, and we are happy to be part of their growth journey.”

Domino is a proven, reliable partner for converters introducing digital printing into their portfolio. Check out Domino’s video library for more case studies, or visit the website to learn about Domino’s digital label and corrugated printing presses, and solutions for variable data printing of 2D codes and serialization.

Warren Packaging discusses benefits of Domino

By: Domino

Warren Packaging is a family-owned and operated company located in Ontario, California and has been in business since 1999. They provide custom labels, corrugated boxes, and folded cartons.

Owner and President Phil Warren, who after 30 years in the box and packaging industry, understood that a particular need was not being fulfilled by one company alone. Business of all sizes were forced to utilize multiple suppliers for their custom labels, corrugated boxes, and folded cartons. Phil decided to take on the challenge of making all these options available under one roof, and that roof became Warren Packaging. To help make his vision a reality, Phil brought in a team he knew would possess the same level of determination – his family.

Over the past several years, Warren Packaging has continuously increased facility size and capabilities to manage the growing volumes and demand, while developing new and innovative packaging for current and future customers. Phil says, “We believe that a great product deserves great packaging, and that is what we consistently strive to provide. We constantly continue to improve our facility and manufacturing practices in order to provide the highest quality labels, corrugated boxes, and folding cartons.”

In that spirit, Warren Packaging added the Domino N610i digital UV inkjet press in July 2021.

To discuss their label business, the growing demand for digital printing, and why they chose Domino, we caught up with the ‘next generation’ team at Warren Packaging.  We were joined by Phil Warren Jr. (Vice President), Mike Dittenber (Vice President of Sales & Marketing), and Jose Ordaz (Digital Press Operator). Our visit was captured in this VIDEO: Warren Packaging & Domino.

The Big Three

Phil Warren Jr., begins, “What Warren offers is technology as we continue to move forward. We continue to invest in our equipment, and we can provide what a family business does provide… making sure you’re taking care of with the best quality equipment, as well as the best quality team.  We are a label, box, and folding carton manufacturer. I’m third generation in this business. My grandfather was in corrugated. My father was in corrugated.  We started the label company about 13 years ago, and then combined them all about 10 years ago. One of the big things that separates us from everybody else is what we call ‘the big three’. We do corrugated, folding carton, and labels.  And we’re going to make sure that what you want, and your needs, are handled in a timely manner.  And we’re also going to provide the same quality if not better, than what’s needed.”

“Digital is the way of the future”

Phil continues, “So, what we’ve done is invest in a lot of equipment and we continue to see that digital is the way of the future, because with digital I see that the younger generation can also stay in the business, and we can stay very much a part of the conversation as we move forward.”  

Mike adds, “We originally got into digital printing on the corrugated side and then once we saw it come available on the label side, we saw that same opportunity.”

Mike Dittenber, VP Sales & Marketing

The Domino Effect

Mike continues, “When we started looking into digital equipment, we were looking for a partner that was going to grow with us. And Domino stood out to us. It was the best overall opportunity for us to partner with someone who could provide us with what we need as a manufacturer. It just expands our business so much more.”

Phil says, “When we did add the Domino, and one of the big factors of why we wanted Domino, was to move a lot of work from flexo to digital.  With Domino, we’ve been able to do that… produce a thousand, maybe even 50,000 labels. And it also let us get into companies that we weren’t in before.  For us, it’s been huge.”

Mike adds, “Having a Domino has definitely created opportunity for us, and filled the void between our previous capabilities and now what we’re able to offer to customers. We produce high quality product labels for a lot of different applications like bottles, clamshells, storage containers, boxes, bags…the list goes on and on.  And to be able to have a piece of equipment that gives us that ability, and that customers can recognize the quality, it reassures us that we made a good decision in going with this equipment and working with Domino to achieve that for us.”

Making it Easy

Phil says, “Jose, who is my operator, had very little to no experience on equipment. We brought him in to run the digital, sent him for a week of training and he was ready to go.  And he even came back and trained a couple people, as we keep growing and expanding that side of our business.”

Jose says, “I’ve been a press operator at Warren Packaging for three years and I’ve been working on the Domino for two. The easiest part of my job is operating the machine.  It’s just a simple press with nothing complicated, which makes my coworkers think I don’t do much because I don’t move around or move any dials, and I keep my hands clean. The real secret is Domino makes it easy.”

The Domino Difference

Phil says, “So as far as the purchasing process of the Domino and what we dealt with, it was very hands on. They were here with us. They were making sure that we were taken care of as we moved forward, and it’s been a tremendous help. I knew that I bought a good machine, and I knew that I partnered with a good company. They’ve not only proved that to me, but to my people. And that’s the Domino difference.”

Mike adds, “From a sales and marketing perspective, I’m definitely glad that we got the Domino digital press. It’s given us capabilities that we’ve needed but didn’t have, and that just expands our business so much more.”

Phil concludes, “We are very much a relationship-based company, and we look for partners like Domino that are going to fit within that realm of what we do. And we are super excited to continue that relationship going into the future. Thanks, Domino.”

Label Industry Veteran Dan Muenzer Joins AGH Labels North America as Director of Market Intelligence

By: AGH Labels North America

(Coppell, TX)   AGH Labels, headquartered in Leon, Mexico, is excited to announce industry veteran , Dan Muenzer, has joined AGH Labels North America as its Director of Market Intelligence.   Mr. Muenzer spent over 25 years in senior management positions within the label industry, including VP of Marketing for Spear and Constantia Flexibles Label Division along with his last position as President of TLMI, the North American label association.   He has spent the last three years coaching cross-country and track at Cincinnati St. Xavier High School while being an active grandfather to his four grandchildren.

Mr. Muenzer adds,

“I absolutely love the label industry and emotionally have never really left.  AGH Labels is one the Americas’ preeminent cut & stack label suppliers and they continue to invest in state of the art converting technology in what is still the world’s leading label technology.  It is ironic that I spent my career growing the pressure sensitive label industry at the expense of other label technologies, but after spending time with AGH’s Roger Barba and executive team, joining AGH Labels was the easiest decision I ever made.  My best and most cherished friends continue to move the label market forward and I am excited to rejoin the quest with AGH Labels.”

AGH Labels North America is rapidly expanding its presence in the USA market.  Based in suburban Dallas, AGHL NA currently offers its industry leading cut and stack and roll-fed label technologies.  AGH continues to invest heavily in these label formats with a special emphasis on UV graphic enhancements and metallized finishes.

ProMach’s ID Technology Acquires Etiflex, a Leading Producer of Pressure-Sensitive Labels, Tickets, and RFID Labels in Mexico

By: ID Technology

FORT WORTH, Texas, April 22, 2024 – ProMach, a worldwide leader in processing and packaging machinery and related solutions, announced today that it has acquired Etiflex, a leading producer of pressure-sensitive and RFID labels. The addition of Etiflex further expands ProMach’s labeling and coding capabilities throughout North America and represents the company’s first acquisition in the Mexican market.

Based in Mexico City, Mexico, Etiflex and its team of more than 500 employees will join ProMach’s Labeling & Coding business line led by Group President Alan Shipman. With go-to- market product brands that also include ID Technology, EPI, Panther, Code Tech, and Greydon, ProMach’s Labeling & Coding business line provides broad solution offerings to customers throughout North America. The company’s vertically integrated product portfolio includes both labels and machinery, which are supported by an extensive network that includes seventeen regional sales and service offices, as well as eight existing label converting facilities. The company’s label converting facilities provide decorative labels for both high volumes or short runs via flexographic and digital capabilities, blank and shell labels, RFID labels, specialty labels, and more.

“The Etiflex team brings a trusted industry reputation for providing exceptional quality products, and their geographic footprint will provide tremendous benefits to our current and future customer base in Mexico,” said Shipman. “This acquisition also increases the number of our label production facilities from eight to nine locations in North America. That, along with our six equipment manufacturing facilities, underscores our goal of providing a complete and comprehensive range of label products, equipment, and support to our customers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.”

Mr. Shipman continued, “With our growing international presence in Mexico, our Labeling & Coding product brands will serve our multinational customers in an even more responsive and comprehensive manner, while also providing them an ability to consolidate vendors for greater efficiency. The result of this is tangible bottom line benefits for our customers due to faster response times and shorter shipping distances.”

Founded in 1981 in Mexico City, Etiflex is one of the leading converters in Mexico for variable information-printed labels, tickets, and RFID labeling. The company has an extensive portfolio of label converting solutions that serve a broad range of industries, including food & beverage, textile, automotive, personal care, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and retail & logistics. Additionally, Etiflex produces tickets, badges, and bracelets for events and transportation.

Sergio Shor and Ari Vonderwalde, Co-Director Generals of Etiflex, will continue leading the Etiflex team. Shor will serve as VP and General Manager, and Vonderwalde will assume the role of VP of Operations.

“Joining ProMach’s Labeling & Coding group is an exciting opportunity to continue and expand our original vision that has guided us for over 40 years”, said Shor and Vonderwalde. “Our philosophy has always been rooted in being a true business partner with strong employee connections and development. We are also proud of our long-standing relationships with our customers and suppliers, and this opportunity will reinforce that effort,” they offered. “ProMach has a proven track record of success and a reputation of investing in its companies to leverage everyone’s strengths, offer more complete solutions, and better serve its customers.”

“We are very grateful for all of the support, passion, and dedication the entire Etiflex team has delivered over the past 43 years that took us to this exciting and promising moment,” Shor and Vonderwalde added.

SCREEN Launches High-Density SU Ink for Uncoated Papers Used by Truepress JET 520HD Mono Press

By: SCREEN Americas

KYOTO, Japan—SCREEN Graphic Solutions Co., Ltd., also referred to as SCREEN GA, announces the launch of its new high-density Truepress SU ink. The advanced black ink is designed specifically for use with the various uncoated papers handled by its high-speed roll-fed Truepress JET 520HD mono inkjet system.

SCREEN GA initially released its Truepress JET 520HD mono and Truepress SC inks as a set in 2020. All-purpose SC inks can be used on many different substrates including coated, IJ-treated, and uncoated or untreated paper. Today, the press is also able to meet a variety of needs in the monochrome printing segment thanks to its combination with SCREEN GA’s new and improved Truepress SC+ ink.

Demand for monochrome printing continues to be the strongest in publishing applications, which is creating increasing opportunities for high-speed roll-fed digital inkjet presses such as those in SCREEN GA’s Truepress JET series. These black-only applications require optimum print quality, high optical density print and no bleed-through on uncoated papers. In response to this trend, SCREEN GA has focused the performance of the SU ink to deliver on these attributes while also lowering the total cost of ink.  

Moving forward, users of the Truepress JET 520HD mono systems will be able to choose between SC+ inks, which are suitable for a variety of papers, and the SU ink, which delivers superior quality printing on uncoated papers. This will give users greater flexibility when meeting the individual quality requirements for different monochrome materials. With these advances, SCREEN GA will offer its customers the next generation of printing production systems by combining the convenience and productivity of high-speed roll-fed digital inkjet presses with digital workflows and the ability to select inks that deliver higher quality.

As a leader in the printing world, SCREEN GA is dedicated to enriching lives and continuing to make the world more colorful through print. This commitment underpins its goal of helping to create better lives and a more sustainable society for everyone.

Technicote rebrands to Beontag, marking a new era of innovation and growth

By: Beontag

Brazil, Jun. 2024 – Beontag, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of pressure-sensitive adhesives and smart tags such as RFID and NFC, initiated its expansion into North America in 2022 by acquiring Technicote and is now moving forward to consolidate the brands. Beontag is already one of the world’s largest manufacturers of pressure-sensitive adhesives and smart tags (RFID and NFC) with a commercial presence in more than 40 countries.

As a milestone in this new phase, the company announced that Technicote has officially become Beontag, forming a single, fully-integrated company with global reach and access to a wide range of innovative solutions. In addition to brand unification, Beontag will integrate individuals into a global network, fostering collaboration and connection across continents.

Beontag is planning to invest over USD $60 million in a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, equipment, machinery, and tenant improvements over the next two years as part of the company’s expansion strategy in the USA. This investment has already been announced and is currently underway, aiming to bring the US operation up to the highest international operational standards for which Beontag is renowned globally.

The state-of-the-art factory will allow the scale up of the production volumes through the utilization of more productive machinery, such as coaters, slitters, and sheeters for roll label stock, servicing the roll converter market. In addition, RFID and Linerless operations will be integrated in the same building.

RotoMetrics Launches New Flexible Die Portfolio Improving Cut  

By: Maxcess

Oak Brook, Illinois – Maxcess, a global leader in innovative products and services for automated web handling applications, today announced a new RotoMetrics’ Flexible Die portfolio offering. The new RotoMetrics’ Flexible Die line combines the best manufacturing and operational processes of RotoMetrics, Electro Optic and MLC Brazil to offer the right solutions for each and every application.

“We spent a significant amount of time asking our customers the biggest converting challenges they were trying to solve,” noted Kiki Chosid, Regional Vice President of Sales. “And, our customers told us they needed flexible dies specifically engineered for today’s materials, including thinner liners, abrasive materials and inks and the growing use of small blade spaces and intricate patterns, as well as for the sheet fed rotary die cutting markets. We automated and enhanced our manufacturing processes to better manufacture flexible dies to improve blade consistency to ensure reliability and eliminate potential die strike issues. We streamlined our durability and chroming processes to improve flexible die longevity converting abrasive materials and inks.”

As a result, RotoMetrics, a Maxcess brand, offers a customized solution offering industry leading flex die life performance engineered for each application vs. alternative Universal or Singular Cut offerings. The new portfolio consists of the re-engineered improved value and performance SmartFlex series for paper and film, the increased versatility and longevity of the Prime Series for a wider variety of Paper and Film applications, the improved accuracy and longevity of Dura Series for complex film and abrasive applications. In addition, RotoMetrics also has Specialty Dies like GoldLine Special for thin film liner applications and MicroBlade for small and intricate spacing applications. All dies are engineered to work for any press (digital, flexographic, semi rotary) or web converting process line.

About the New RotoMetrics Flexible Die Portfolio:

Complementing the improved automated manufacturing processes globally, RotoMetrics new flexible die portfolio offers additional enhancements, including.

  • Unmatched Press Side Expertise & Support – 6 global manufacturing facilities with enhanced automation and technical service and support in the places you do business. Industry leading in Same Day and Next Day shipping. Additionally, a complete and complementary offering of product solutions and repair services for Dies, Magnetic Cylinders and Anvils.
  • Industry Leading Quality – Enhanced automation minimizes deviations in Total Plate Height and Blade Flat resulting in 25-30% improvement in manufacturing consistency for better die performance against the anvil. Optimization of our Electro Optic legacy patented back grinding processes for enhanced reliability and consistent cutting performance.
  • Enhanced Durability and Longevity – Longer lasting chroming options and vertically integrated and automated chroming processes provide consistency, quality, and faster delivery. RotoMetrics exclusive chroming formulas and application processes offer dies that can last twice as long as the competition on abrasive materials and inks.  Exclusive performance coatings improve die life on abrasive materials and white inks.  Additionally, adding RotoRepel can increase die life up to 3 times depending on the material being converted.
  • Expanded Material Expertise – RotoMetrics offers the largest inventory of raw materials with Flex Die Total Plate Height to 0.060”+ (1.5mm+). Additionally, technical support experts in 92 Gauge (23 Micron) and 75 Gauge (17 Micron) thin film liners.The leader in flexible die innovation. Years of expertise in abrasive materials and inks. All this results in a significantly reduced need for material evaluations with RotoMetrics’ Dies.
  • A Complete Portfolio of Die Cutting Solutions – flexible and solid dies, male / female die sets, base and adjustable automated anvils, magnetic cylinders, print cylinders all designed and engineered to work better together with a true precise matching of complementary components. For example,  the new upgradeable AccuAdjust and automated RotoAdjust with industry 4.0 analytics to optimize converting and increase blade life.
  • Industry Unique Knowledge of the Press from End-to-End – Single source of press side expertise from unwind to rewind knowing how variables (guiding, tension, vision, etc.) impact the web across the converting line or printing press with flexibility to work with Flexographic, Digital, Semi-Rotary and Digitally Printed Substrates Converted with Semi Rotary Converting Lines.

A Publisher’s Approach to Social Media for Promoting Societal Values

By: UPM Raflatac

(UPM Raflatac, Helsinki, 11 June 2024 at 13:00 EEST) – Label Life by UPM Raflatac proudly marks 10 years of its life cycle assessment service. Over the past decade, Label Life has been a comprehensive life cycle assessment tool for label evaluation, enabling businesses to make informed, environmentally responsible decisions. Continuously evolving to cover an ever-widening portfolio of more sustainable products, Label Life now accounts for over 90% of UPM Raflatac’s commercial portfolio by sales volume, reflecting the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Label Life provides essential environmental information on label materials, utilizing the standardized method of life cycle assessment (LCA) to calculate their environmental impact from cradle-to-grave. Customers benefit from individual footprints or “product passport prototypes” (PPPs) displaying 25 indicators, as well as focused comparisons of three key metrics—greenhouse gas emissions, energy demand, and water consumption—facilitating a transparent and guided decision-making process.

“Label material choice can have a significant impact on packaging sustainability. For the past decade, our Label Life service has been at the forefront of transforming the labeling industry. We are proud of the positive difference the service has created by empowering our customers to measure the impact of their label materials, make informed, more sustainable choices, and reduce their overall environmental footprint,” says Flora D’Souza, Sustainability Manager, Label Life, UPM Raflatac.

In 2023, UPM Raflatac set a new industry standard by receiving a certificate of validity from leading international assurance service provider DEKRA for its Label Life service. The new validation reinforces the credibility of UPM Raflatac’s LCA calculations and supports customers to make better-informed choices, bringing them closer to their own sustainability goals.

FPA Announces President & CEO Departure

By: Flexible Packaging Association (FPA)

Annapolis, MD, June 13, 2024 – The Flexible Packaging Association (FPA), the leading advocate and voice for the growing U.S. flexible packaging industry, announces that its long-serving President & CEO, Alison Keane, will step down from her position on August 1, 2024. The organization announced at the same time that it is initiating a search to identify a new leader.

Founded in 1950, FPA’s mission is to amplify the voices of converters, suppliers, trade press professionals, and academics, leading to effective advocacy, unique educational offerings, outstanding networking opportunities, and real growth for our members. 

“It’s been an honor to lead FPA through 8-years of growth and evolution,” says Keane. “During that period, we have been able to expand how FPA helps its members. No organization offers the level of support that FPA offers the flexible packaging industry—one of the fastest growing segments in packaging and provides a wealth of information to its members through focused programs and services. I am very grateful to have been a part of those efforts throughout the last 8 years.” Keane attributes the success and growth of the association to strong, passionate leaders, talented staff, and members who actively participate. “This leadership will continue to drive the association and the industry forward.”

William Jackson, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer for Amcor Flexibles and FPA Chair notes, “Alison has provided the FPA with exceptional leadership over the last 8 years. She has helped us navigate in times of crisis and change. Under Alison’s leadership, we grew the FPA and kept the budget and revenue on track with expectations. Her work with advocacy, particularly around materials of concern and governmental regulations, has been noteworthy. Her humor, positive attitude, and passion for the FPA have been noted across the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and the membership. For the better part of a decade, Alison has done an outstanding job, and replacing her will be difficult.” 

Over the last 8 years, Alison’s leadership has been instrumental in driving the association forward, fostering innovation, and collaboration in addressing key issues related to our industry,” states Russell Grissett, President of Sonoco Flexible Packaging, and FPA Vice-Chair. “She has been a tireless advocate, promoting and advocating on behalf of our members and our industry while championing sustainability within the flexible packaging industry. Alison’s dedication and vision have left an indelible mark on our organization, and we are grateful for her unwavering commitment.”

The association is drawing on the steps in its succession plan to guide the process of selecting a new President & CEO. It formed a search committee to oversee the process and has retained executive search firm Vetted Solutions to coordinate the search. The search will commence in June.