TLMI’s Gurus

TLMI's Gurus

Members helping Members

TLMI’s membership is made up of the industry’s greatest minds.

TLMI Sustainability Commitment

TLMI will inspire a culture of sustainability awareness through leadership, education, support, and advocacy to help members reduce their impact on the planet.

The TLMI Gurus are a group of industry experts who have a passion for the printing and label industry. Each Guru is a TLMI member and has been screened by TLMI's Technical Committee. These are real experts who have hands-on experience and can offer solutions.

Find a Guru

All employees of TLMI member companies have access to the TLMI Gurus. Start using this TLMI member benefit in three easy steps. 


Step 1: Login to TLMI Community to download the Guru bulletin to share with your employees. 


Step 2: Post the TLMI Guru Bulletin in your facility for employees to scan


Step 3: Employees needing technical assistance can scan the QR code to request help from a Guru. You do not need a login for TLMI Community to use the form

Already a member and want to get involved?

Login to TLMI Community to apply to be a Guru today. Please be aware each applicant is reviewed by TLMI’s Technical Committee before being accepted.