Supplier Member Benefits

Your membership is for the company, not an individual.

Include as many colleagues as you wish in your company listing for access to our newsletter, event registrations, meeting content, market reports, member website, and more. 

About Label Leaders of Tomorrow

Label Leaders of Tomorrow (LLT) is a group is a group of emerging leaders committed to expanding their knowledge and skills in the label industry and open to all TLMI members.

TLMI Supplier Benefits, rooted in Community, Insight, and Advocacy, include opportunities to network with customers and partners, define the future of the industry through committee participation, and gain valuable industry benchmarks from multiple market studies.  


  • Annual Meeting (link) 
    • Product and Services Showcase 
    • 1:1 Networking Opportunities 
  • Member Only Website, TLMI Community 
  • Label Leaders of Tomorrow 


  • TLMI Market Insights Quarterly 
    • Converter Member Insights 
    • End User Information 
  • Product and Services Guide Inclusion 
  • Organization Specific Pages in TLMI Community 


  • Committee Participation (link) 
  • Regulatory Affairs Support  
  • Sustainability Support (link) 

Additionally, TLMI facilitates connections with third-party resources, augmenting capabilities beyond your in-house capacity and streamlining cost and time. Savings that may even pay for your membership. 


Learn more about TLMI’s Exclusive Member Benefits and preferred partners. (Link to that page)  




Manufacturers or distributors of supplies, raw materials, equipment, or other products used primarily in the manufacture of tags, labels and allied products who manufacture or whose products are marketed or distributed in North America are eligible for supplier membership. Those manufacturers who supply raw materials or other materials to suppliers of the industry are eligible for supplier membership. Application and Executive Committee approval is required.  





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