Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives Introduces Complete Neck Label Solutions  

Graham, NC – June 21, 2023, Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives North America (FSA), part of The Fedrigoni Group, a global leader in the production of premium labels and self-adhesive materials, can now offer a new range of premium self-adhesive materials specifically designed for neck label applications.

This innovative line of neck label materials has been engineered to address the challenges faced by premium wine, spirit and champagne brands. By combining our high-performance adhesives with prime papers offered in lower basis weight, Fedrigoni has overcome the “memory effect” that often causes labels to detach when applied to smaller circumferences, such as the neck of a glass wine or champagne bottle.

FSA is an innovator in providing a total solution for matching neck and prime labels. These neck labels were engineered to outperform other offerings in the market. Downgauged substrates combined with an adhesive designed for tight mandril applications ensure a smooth application and overcome the “memory effect,” the tendency of paper to return to its natural state, which often causes labels, especially those applied to smaller circumference surfaces, to pull away over time.

The Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives range of premium neck label constructions was developed with the full package in mind. Material options have been engineered as both prime label and neck label so brands can ensure a perfectly coordinated package while also being confident in the performance of each label. 

Melissa Harton, Marketing Manager, North America shared, “Neck label detachment has long been a thorn in the side of premium wine and champagne brands. Considering the neck is the only visible piece of the bottle when submerged in an ice bucket, having an intact neck label is imperative for aesthetics and brand recognition. We are excited to bring this line of neck label materials, that can be 100% coordinated with our primary label products, offering brands a completely harmonious package while also providing full confidence in the functional performance.”

Beyond their exceptional functionality, these neck labels offer sustainability benefits as well. The neck label constructions were engineered with a lower basis weight which helps eliminate flagging over time but also reduces total material use. The entire neck label line is also FSC® certified offering brands an additional sustainability benefit.

Premium brands require a high-end aesthetic. This new range of neck label options from Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives not only addresses the long-standing challenge of neck label detachment but also allows brands to enhance the visual appeal, brand recognition and sustainability of their products. 

Product Details:

  • Available to ship from the CA distribution center

  • MOQ: Tasting Club Mast Width x 834’

Lower Gage Product Available:

  • Tintoretto Gesso Neck Label H+O WS / AP13000 / 1.2 PET

  • Sorolla Neck Label H+O WS / AP13000 / 1.2 PET

Additional Products:

  • Cast Gloss Neck Label / SH6020 Plus / 1.2 PET

  • Coated 90 SG / SH6020 Plus / 1.2 PET

High res image available upon request

About Fedrigoni

Since 1888 Fedrigoni has stood for excellence in the manufacture of specialty papers. Today, it is a world leader in labels, self-adhesive materials and high-added-value papers for luxury packaging and other creative solutions. With over 5,000 employees in 28 countries and 25,000 products, the Group sells and distributes in 132 countries and, thanks to recent acquisitions, has become the first player at a global level in specialty papers for luxury packaging and third in premium self-adhesive materials. The Paper business unit includes the Cordenons Group, the historic brand Fabriano, and most recently Guarro Casas (October 2022) and Papeterie Zuber Rieder (November 2022). The Self-Adhesives business unit includes Arconvert, Manter, Ritrama (since February 2020), IP Venus (December 2020), Acucote and Rimark (June 2021), Divipa (February 2022), Tageos (April 2022), Unifol (July 2022). Furthermore, the American distributor GPA is also part of the Group.

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