Yazoo Mills has partnered with Eberlé for $3 million equipment project

New Oxford, PA– Yazoo Mills, Inc., America’s largest family-owned manufacturer of paper tubes and cores, has partnered with Eberlé, from Reichstett, France, in the completion of a $3 million equipment project.

The initiative to add new equipment is part of a $6.5 million investment made by Yazoo Mills in response to the growing demand for its products and services across the U.S. Entering its 120th year of business in 2022, Yazoo Mills had a $3.5 million building expansion recently completed in March. Expansion was necessary to provide adequate production space to support this equipment project. Yazoo Mills and Eberlé collaborated to place several high-speed paper tube winding lines, a recut production line, and automated packaging systems to handle the finished product. The purchased equipment was installed in both plants in New Oxford and Hanover, PA that will continue to position Yazoo as the industry leader for consistent quality, excellent service, and fast turn-around times.

Yazoo Mills continues to be a forward-thinking, customer-focused organization which is why they are continuously reinvesting in their company and equipment.

About Yazoo Mills
Established in 1902, Yazoo Mills is America’s largest family-owned manufacturer of 100% recycled paper tubes and cores for 120 years. Serving a variety of industries in the United States, Yazoo has a reputation for excellence in short runs and recutting with manufacturing only premium quality paper tubes and cores, made to each customer’s specifications. On average, the company produces over four-million inches of tubing per day. Companies that require quality, consistency, and ongoing reliability contact Yazoo Mills for all of their needs.

For additional information on Yazoo Mills and their products, visit the website www.yazoomills.com.