Yazoo Mills Announces Key Leadership Team Appointments

Michell Trish, Richard Smarsh, Steve McMaster and Chris Evans

New Oxford, PA – Yazoo Mills, Inc., America’s largest family-owned manufacturers of paper tubes and cores, today announced the appointments of four key leadership team members to Directors of their departments. Michell Trish advances to Director of Accounting & Administration; Richard Smarsh advances to Director of Facilities, Maintenance, & Safety; Steve McMaster advances to Director of Manufacturing; and Chris Evans advances to North American Sales Director.

Proven leaders with decades of experience, the leadership changes reflect a formal alignment of the team’s individual strengths to support the company’s long-term strategic plan entering its 120th year of business.

Each member has played an essential role in the company’s success and growth. They have continuously worked together as a team and advanced through progressively more responsible positions during their tenure. Sharing the organization’s mission and values, they look to continue with the organization’s forward-thinking mindset to provide customers with high-quality products, create an experience that builds long-lasting relationships, and establish direction among the nearly 200 employees.

About Yazoo Mills
Established in 1902, Yazoo Mills is one of America’s largest family-owned manufacturers of 100% recycled paper tubes and cores for 120 years. Serving a variety of industries in the United States, Yazoo has a reputation for excellence in short runs and recutting with manufacturing only premium quality paper tubes and cores, made to each customer’s specifications. On average, the company produces over four-million inches of tubing per day. Companies that require quality, consistency, and ongoing reliability contact Yazoo Mills for all of their needs.

For additional information on Yazoo Mills and their products, visit the website www.yazoomills.com.