With the MO-Line FUSION to new quality levels

By Thorsten Saathoff: In November 2021, Nilpeter A/S presented a new high-end offset printing press. Nilpeter spent the time of the pandemic to make structures even more customer-efficient and to add the finishing touches to a new, even more productive offset printing press.

The world of labels speaks of digitization and digital processes. Is there still room for offset printing in this new world of processes? Not only the manufacturers of labels and packaging are confronted with this question, when choosing the right production machines, but also the press manufacturers when choosing the right and targeted strategy for their press portfolio. The offset process is one of the high-quality processes, that allows difficult materials to be printed and a wide variety of finishing processes to be integrated.

Nilpeter sees it as a logical decision to consistently invest in the further development of the offset Nilpeter MO-Line, as a high-quality way of handling difficult materials and integrating a wide variety of finishing processes.

The MO-Line has set standards
Offset printing, in combination with other finishing and printing processes, is still dominant in the wine & spirits or health & cosmetics markets. With over 200 installations worldwide, Nilpeter’s MO-Line has set the standard for an excellent quality and productivity over the past 25 years. The MO-platform was presented as the successor to the MO-3300 in 2007 at the LabelExpo show in Brussels and was technically revolutionary and innovative even then, with its sleeve technology and the many possible combinations. The attraction and the added value of the machine made up then, as now, the variety of possible combinations. A good reason for Nilpeter, even in the age of digital printing, to invest in the further development of this printing process, but also to use and integrate the possibilities of digital technology and press controls.

Jakob Landberg, Sales & Marketing Director, Nilpeter A/S, “The new MO-Line FUSION was developed with a high degree of automation and minimizes manual work steps, guarantees faster changeover times and reduced start-up waste. In short, the MO-Line FUSION is the complete solution for printers looking for efficient, productive, and market-leading technology. The MO-Line FUSION has no material limitations compared to purely digital technologies on the market”.

Analogue and digital combined
The new offset line combines the best of the world of analogue printing and digital finishing – i.e. a digital high-gloss coating unit can be integrated. Nilpeter’s new ‘High-Build Varnish’ and ‘High Opacity White’ inkjet units open up extensive design possibilities.

Nilpeter’s digital inline print finishing supports a wide range of substrates such as PP, PE, PET, and foil. It can be positioned anywhere in a press configuration via the rail system.

With the HL-technology, high-quality surface structures can be generated, which simulate expensive substrates, emphasize meaningful designs or offer a special feel. The HL-technology can be combined with matt “flood coat” varnish to create micro-embossing techniques used in paper manufacture, or embossing effects applied digitally to text or image details. For an additional effect, extraordinary foil effects can be achieved in combination with a laminating/foil unwinding.

Integration of modules for finishing
Another good example of the embellishment possibilities is the flatbed embossing and foil embellishing unit, the well-known FP, which was launched in 2012, and which is already installed in more than 150 units around the world. These possible combinations are an advantage of conventional offset presses compared to digital presses. The modularly designed Nilpeter MO-Line FUSION offers options to supplement and combine the standard base with numerous modules. Due to the processes and the speed in digital printing, or also in translational offset printing, the Nilpeter MO-Line FUSION, with up to 200 m/min., offers another advantage here.

The new MO-Line FUSION is prepared for all known Nilpeter value-adding modules for increasing the value of the labels:

  • Flatbed system FP-5 for hot foil stamping on rails

  • Integration of FA flexo units

  • Inkjet units for digital opaque white and ‘high build’ varnish

  • Quick-change die-cutting unit for quick job changes

  • Semi-rotary or full-rotary die unit

  • G-4 gravure unit for metallic inks, covering surfaces and coatings

  • Nilscreen system for special effects, braille, and opaque white

  • Rail-based cross-over unit for multi-layer labels

The new operating concept
As in the FA-Line, Nilpeter has taken into consideration, that the operator can work the printing press without unnecessary handles. All functions on the press can be controlled via an 11″ touch panel on each printing unit. Nilpeter calls this intuitive concept “Clean Hand Operation”. The ink control is integrated into the operating concept and can be operated in a similarly intuitive manner as job handling. Jobs can be saved logically and repeat jobs can be called up quickly. The entire operating concept is connected to Nilpeter’s Power Link System. It meets the industry standard 4.0 and can be integrated into all common MIS-systems.

The printing unit
The MO-Line FUSION printing unit is the result of continuous, further development of the MO-series and 25 years of experience in web offset printing. As with all Nilpeter printing presses, the side frames are made of one piece – “one block” – and are therefore very stable. This feature is very important for offset printing with the higher number of rollers compared to flexo printing, in order to avoid manufacturing tolerances and ultimately to rule out duplicating. The water/ink balance is controlled and adjusted by an intelligent system, to ensure consistent quality of the production run. The press is prepared for all drying concepts, such as UV, ARC, LED, or IR. Hot air drying for water-based or solvent-based inks is possible.

As a custom-made combination printing press with a variety of analogue and digital inline finishing technologies, the platform is designed for both large and small runs with short changeover times. Something speaks for modern, conventional offset printing. Varied finishing options, high speeds, combination of processes in one run.

Stability, quick setup, and the manufacture of special products without material limitations (high-quality wine labels, multi-layer) in one operation. The MO-Line FUSION implements what it stands for, combining stable processes with modern digital modules and the possibility of integrating a wide variety of process technologies.

Thorsten Saathoff, the engineer and business economist has been in the graphic industry for more than 30 years, and as the Managing Director of Nilpeter GmbH Thorsten Saathoff is responsible for the products from Nilpeter, GM, and Prati in the DACH-region.

Technical data Nilpeter MO-Line FUSION

  • Production speed: 6-200 m/min.

  • Material thickness: 0.0025-0.25 mm

  • Substrate width: 225-450 mm

  • Printing width offset, max.: 410 mm

  • Printing width flexo, max.: 17”

  • Offset printing length, min./max.: 12”-25”

  • Flexo printing length, min./max.: 12”-25”

  • UV-curing standard: 140 W/cm

  • UV-curing LED: Optional

  • Hot-air: On request