White Graphics Purchases Second Xeikon Press

White Graphics purchases a Xeikon CX300 for its new facility in Naperville, IL

CX 300 to add speed and productivity for short to medium runs

Itasca, IL – Xeikon has announced that Downers Grove, Illinois-based converter, White Graphics, Inc, has purchased a Xeikon CX300 dry toner-based digital press. White Graphics specializes in short run packaging with a focus on mockups and sales samples including shrink sleeves, folding cartons, standup pouches, corrugated displays and pressure-sensitive labels in ultra low volumes.

The Xeikon CX300 will be placed in White Graphics’ new 20,000 square foot facility in Naperville, IL, which will be fully operational by early fall 2022. According to Andrew White, President, White Graphics, “The new facility will enable all of White Graphics to be under one roof – which will increase our workflow and productivity as we can place complementary equipment in one area, rather than separated into three areas as we are now. Printing and finishing will be in one line. And our new Xeikon CX300 will really enhance the overall productivity of our operation.”

White Graphics installed a Xeikon 3030 in early March, 2020. Pandemic-related issues impacted the launch of the new press, however due to their innovation-based short runs and fast lead times they began to see run lengths increase and realized the need for a press capable of accommodating the longer runs.

White adds, “Our decision to upgrade to a Xeikon CX300 was really based on speed and productivity. The unwinder can handle much larger rolls and the press runs three times faster. Now we’ll be able to profitably do small to medium size runs in the 10-15,000 foot sweet spot. This is a very robust press for variable data which provides us with new opportunities and entry points into a hyper-competitive marketplace. And lastly, we didn’t want to disassemble the current press and reassemble it in the new plant. With the Xeikon CX300, we’ll get exactly what we want when we move into the new facility.”

The enhancement of metallic toners in the Xeikon CX300 will also be a great benefit to White Graphics, as a significant amount of their short runs are for personal care labels which heavily utilize metallic designs.

Donna Covannon, Director, Marketing, Xeikon America, shares, “The range of applications White Graphics provides to its customers is a perfect fit for the Xeikon CX300 dry toner press. Serving brands with quality and color consistency enables White Graphics to excel. Xeikon appreciates the continued trust and partnership with Andrew and his team.”

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