Wausau Coated Products Announces the Launch of a New Wash-Away Adhesive Solution 

Wausau, WI — Wausau Coated Products Inc., an independent family-owned and operated, leading manufacturer of adhesive-based label products, is excited to announce the launch of a New Wash-Away Adhesive Solution WA-769. It is an emulsion acrylic permanent adhesive with good initial tack and adhesion to most surfaces. 

WCP is offering WA-769 wash-away adhesive on two of our most popular roll label facestocks; 70# Bright White Felt with 30% PCW & Wet Strength (WS) and 60# Estate Label® #8 Vellum with (WS). These products are an excellent choice for facilities where bottles are returned, rinsed, and cleaned for reuse. In addition to the wash-away adhesive properties, when these label stocks are immersed in an ice bucket, they will remain affixed keeping the label intact due to their wet strength properties. 

“Wash-Away adhesives are becoming more popular as an eco-friendly way to reuse glass packaging,” states, Adam Frey, Director, North American Sales, Wausau Coated Products. “We paired this unique adhesive with a 90% PCR content 1.2 Mil r-PET liner and sustainable facestocks when developing these two new products. Our customers continue to come to us to for wash-away solutions and we are happy to support their efforts with this new adhesive.” 

About Wausau Coated Products: 

Wausau Coated Products, Inc. is an independent family owned and operated manufacturing company with distribution facilities located throughout the USA and Mexico as well as distribution channels throughout Central and South America, the Caribbean, New Zealand, and Australia. As a leading manufacturer of adhesive-based products, Wausau Coated is a one-stop resource worldwide for premium quality stocked products and custom engineered constructions to meet customer specific applications and end user needs. For more information on Wausau Coated Products, visit our website: http://www.wausaucoated.com.