VIDEO: Meyers wins with Domino for labels & folding cartons, brand consistency, reducing waste, and sustainability goals    

Michael Dillon – Director of Marketing at Meyers

Meyers, is a national leader in prime label, retail packaging, and point of purchase signage and display printing.  They have been helping clients and their brands stand out since 1949.

We caught up with Michael Dillon – Director of Marketing at Meyers – to learn more about their business, brand consistency, sustainable solutions they provide to their customers, and how their partnership with Domino helps them achieve that. Bespoke print consultant Noel Tocci, Owner and Founder of Tocci Made, ‘a print and production partner for the best minds in the creative industry where excellence is the only option’, also joined in the discussion and describes why he brought brand owner Bearsville Soap Company to Meyers for their printing & packaging needs. 

The interview was captured in this VIDEO: Meyers & Domino

“Delivering that Beautiful Customer Experience”

Michael Dillon begins, “The future of Meyers is staying at the forefront of technology, staying at the forefront of sustainability, and staying at the forefront of consumer experiences so that the brands and retailers we work with are getting what they really want and it’s delivering that beautiful customer experience. And doing it with great integrity. Integrity for our clients and integrity for our team.”

“Most of my time is spent helping make sure that we’re showing off the awesome work that our clients do here and showing off how that impacts their brand. Our headquarters is a 250,000 sq. ft. facility just outside Minneapolis, MN.  We’re serving clients from coast-to-coast.  One of the things that Meyers does better than anywhere else is brand consistency and color match.  When people come to us and they have things rolling off multiple product lines, they’re going to come out with a ridiculously meticulous level of brand consistency and color match. And we have a real competitive advantage here.”

Achieving Sustainability Goals & Brand Consistency

Noel Tocci is the liaison between the brands and the printing companies. “I use my 40 years of making mistakes in printing to help people make beautiful things.  Bearsville Soap is interesting. They have 19 different fragrances of soap. It’s rugged, looks like it was cut with a saw, rectangle bar of soap.  They were in a craft box, which the idea was sustainable, woods… but they wanted to upgrade their brand.  They wanted to go on a different substrate and use a different color for every fragrance. And I remembered Meyers…these guys can do this. I called, and the rest is history.”

Dillon says, “Sometimes as a brand, the challenge is you know you care a lot about sustainability, but can you get the transparency through your supply chain to know that you are truly delivering it.  And that’s a big thing that we’re helping a lot of our clients with…by getting them sustainably sourced materials with a chain of custody that gives them the proof and transparency, and it’s getting produced in a facility with third-party audits. It’s proving that you’re living up to those commitments that you’ve always really, deeply believed in.”

Dillon describes the importance of brand consistency. “One of the coolest things that we’ve started doing is the coordination across the product types.  So if you make a really beautiful high-end package, you need an equally beautiful high-end label.  And these presses here have been instrumental in that, in particular the pairing of the Domino inkjet system with the MPS flexo.  We can run folding cartons and labels on that same press.  And it’s an amazing thing for that brand consistency across those products.  And the cost efficiencies there mean that you can let your creativity run wild as a brand.  It’s a heck of a combo!”

“The Domino press was a serious part of why they (Bearsville Soap Company) came to us. What they used to have was brown craft paperboard (for their packaging). And when they came to us, they thought they had to choose between something that was sustainable, and something that communicated the flavors, if you will, of their soaps.  And what we showed them was that by using the MPS – Domino hybrid press, because we could use the Domino inkjet system, we were not going to have a bunch of waste during make-ready. So we actually met all of their sustainability goals while giving them a level of brand communication that they didn’t think they could get while being sustainable…we have no other way to deliver that except on this press.”

“The Best of the Best.  It’s Been a Wonderful Experience”

Tocci says, “Really good work lives at the intersection of really great materials, great design, and really thoughtfully well curated execution.  So that tells me something.  The way they (Meyers) pick their equipment.  They way they think it through.  So I look at that and I go ‘if they have Domino, then that must be it’.  And that plays to the partnership.  They’re doing their homework, and they’re getting everything in here that is the best of the best.  And that’s what they are trying to do.  And it’s been a wonderful experience.” 

Dillon concludes, “With this hybrid press and the Domino inkjet system on it, we’re able to allow our customers to get really creative with the number of different types of products they’re running through there, and still have it come out with perfect brand consistency.  At the end of that we’re pairing it up with processes that we’ve specially built here, software that we’ve specially built here, and allowing us to get it all packed up and shipped out to thousands of retail locations beautifully produced the first time, every time.  That’s a pretty fun, exciting thing!   

Domino is a leading manufacturer and distributor of digital printing and product identification solutions.  Celebrating its 44th year in business, Domino is a global organization with world headquarters in the UK, and North America headquarters in Gurnee, IL.  Domino has 25 subsidiaries, representation in over 120 countries, and over 3,000 employees worldwide. 

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