VIDEO: Impact Label describes Domino ‘commitment and partnership’

Bashir Toliver Sr., Abdullah Alyousif, Lucas Adams, Matt Berry

Impact Label was founded in 1964 by William Fogleson Sr. in Kalamazoo, Michigan. This high-quality custom label printer provides solutions for long-term durable labels and graphic overlays with a wide-array of equipment that includes high-speed narrow web digital printing, high-speed multi-function finishing equipment, wide-format digital, doming, screen printing, flexo printing, optical and mechanical die-cutting, and laminating. Key sectors that they serve include outdoor recreational, agricultural, medical, automotive, electronics, and food.

In the midst of the COVID pandemic, Impact Label installed the Domino N610i digital UV inkjet label press in October 2020.

We caught up with their team to learn more. The interview was captured in this VIDEO: Impact Label & Domino

Investing Today for the Future

Matt Berry, Vice President & General Manager of Impact Label begins. “I think the differentiator for Impact Label is that we’ve been around a long time, but we’ve made the investments not only in our infrastructure, our technology, and our people to not only support our customers today… but into the future.”

“Impact Label is a successful global business located in Galesburg, Michigan. It was founded by my grandfather in 1964. Our facility is 35,000 square feet to support our 30+ employees. We serve all industries including agricultural equipment, technology, medical devices, recreational equipment. And we’ve invested in a lot of new technology, to support our customers moving forward.”

The Commitment and Partnership

Abdullah Alyousif, Director of Engineering says, “Our customers know us as a printing company, but we really want them to think of us as a tech company where we can solve their problems. So we researched digital providers and players in the market, including HP, Durst, and a couple other more for over a year including Domino. And we chose Domino because they delivered on really three important aspects for us… which is quality, speed, and commitment. The commitment and partnership feeling for us was really, really important. And that really differentiated Domino versus the other suppliers that we were looking at.”

Doing More in Less Time

Matt Berry describes utilizing the Domino N610i as a business sales tool that provides versatility and quick turnaround time for them and their customers. “From a sales perspective, it’s way easier to sell. We know the quality that we’re going to get. We know the versatility of all the different substrates that we can put through the Domino, so it makes it really easy to pretty much attack any segment of the market. A great example of a job that we were able to transition to the Domino was for the recreation industry for kayak labels… 50,000 at a time, multiple colors. It used to take us weeks, now it can be done in a day.”

What is the Domino Difference?

When asked about their experiences with Domino, the team at Impact Label commented on a wide range of positive attributes from the service & support, to quality, to educating and building confidence, to commitment and partnership.

Lucas Adams, Digital Press Technician says, “The Domino Difference for me is the speed, the quality of the product that you get in the end, and their tech support is fantastic. If you have problems they’re resolved quickly and efficiently. It’s a nice piece of equipment.”

Abdullah comments, “We installed Domino during the pandemic. That was very challenging, but also very successful. We can deliver the best quality, and an added bonus is we can deliver always on time.

Bashir Toliver Sr., Digital Press Technician says, “I’m a graphic artist and I was given the opportunity to run the Domino. This is my first time running a press. I was sent to training in Gurnee. Now, I can run anything on this press.”

Matt reveals one of the key differentiators. “After meeting with all the different machine manufacturers, we could really tell that Domino wanted to be a strategic partner. They were ‘what can we do, how can we do it better, and we’ll be there to support you after we sell this press’ and they have definitely held up their end of that.”

Abdullah adds, “I believe the Domino Difference is the commitment…the feeling of partnership. The quality that Domino delivers. The speed, the efficiency, the capacity that it allows us to go to. That is the Domino Difference for Impact.”

Matt sums up the importance of partnership and a look to the future. “When we were evaluating the Domino, we had to make sure that the dollars and cents were there to be successful with this investment…but it’s more than that, it’s our future. We’ve really just appreciated Domino’s support throughout this whole process, and we feel it’s going to make us very successful moving forward.

Abdullah ends with, “From all of us at Impact Label…Thanks, Domino”.

About Domino
Domino is a leading manufacturer and distributor of digital printing and product identification solutions. Celebrating its 44th year in business, Domino is a global organization with world headquarters in the UK, and North America headquarters in Gurnee, IL. Domino has 25 subsidiaries, representation in over 120 countries, and over 3,000 employees worldwide. For more information on Domino digital printing, please visit