VIDEO: DWS discusses hybrid printing labels & shrink sleeves with Domino

Andy Staib – Owner & CEO of DWS Printing & Packaging

DWS Printing & Packaging discusses their MPS EF SYMJET ‘powered by Domino’ hybrid press for labels & shrink sleeves. This visit to their Deer Park, NY facility on Long Island was to learn more about the company, why they chose Domino, and the benefits realized in adding this hybrid press to their business.

The interview was captured in this video:  VIDEO: DWS & Domino

Perfecting the craft since 1865

“So, what’s critical to us is that we are a tried & true and solid partner to our clients. But at the same time, we demand and expect the same level of support and partnerships from our supply chain… namely Domino… and we’ve gotten it,” says Andy Staib, fourth generation owner & CEO of DWS.

Andy continues. “Our great grandfather was one of the original principles. We think that’s pretty unusual to be in business that long and have maintained the family heritage. Our primary niche is in the craft beer, beverage, and food markets, but we also cater to non-alcoholic, to the organic food space. Unlike some of the bigger guys, we can be responsive with shorter runs and quicker turnaround. We like it. That’s really where our comfort zone is.”

Due diligence process in selecting digital

John Gulino, Senior Technical Director at DWS describes the due diligence process they went through in selecting their digital printing partner. “We always like to be innovative. We want to be on the cutting edge. We don’t want to be a follower. So, we vetted out every technology that was out there. During our vetting process we had all the press manufacturers run all the same files on all the same material. We labelled independently each sample from each press manufacturer. We gave our Sales team the exact same samples on the exact same substrates and asked them all for their opinion. And unanimously, it came back to Domino.”

“So, once we decided on a Domino UV inkjet, we decided that hybrid was the way for us. Then came the decision on how are we going to build a hybrid press that’s best for DWS. And that’s when we decided on MPS.” 

DWS’ hybrid press configuration 

John provides an overview of the configuration they selected for their hybrid press. “This is our MPS EF SYMJET powered by Domino.  We have two flexo stations in front for printing UV ink, we have cold foil, we have the Domino N610i with 7-colors, we have two flexo stations in the back for printing UV ink, we have a turn bar for two-sided printing, a lamination station, we have semi and full-rotary die-cutting, and this is Felix our lead pressman, and it’s all powered by one press console.”

The DWS difference

John describes how DWS helps their brand owner customers differentiate product, and standout from the competition.  “Clients often come to us because we have our own in-house design team, and they’re looking for how we can make their labels better.  One of our brewery clients wanted to put different dogs on all their beer labels, but they had no idea how to do that.  We were able to show them how variable data can improve their selling ability.  Without having the digital capabilities of Domino, we could not have done that with our traditional flexo or offset printing.  So having the Domino hybrid technology has taken us to a completely different level.  There’s not many people that are doing what we can do, or do it as well as we can do it.  And Domino has been able to give us the technology and the quality to provide those to our clients.”

Andy says, “We took it one step further.  We wanted to keep sleeving in-house.  And it was the digital technology that helped us get there.  And it brings a solution to the table that the other guys just don’t have.  It’s a game changer.”

DWS has their own packaging operation where shrink sleeves are applied to empty beverage cans.  Andy explains, “One of the reasons that we got into digital printing in the first place was so that we could streamline the process.  So, the labels that you just saw hot off the press are going right into sleeving…thanks to my nephew TJ, generation five.  The sleeves are getting applied right here in-house, they go through a short conveyor system, and about three seconds later we’ve got a finished pre-sleeved can.  Nobody else is doing this.  The bottom line… none of this would be possible without our hybrid press.  How cool is that?!”

DWS & Domino partnership

Andy summarizes the relationship of DWS & Domino by saying, “Domino has been there, right from the start, to help us get through the learning curve, to understand digital, and to support us throughout the process. So, it’s been great.” 

Expanding into Austin, TX DWS installed another Domino – MPS hybrid press.

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