Vetaphone sets new record!

Despite component delays and shortages Vetaphone manufactured and sold a record number of corona and plasma treatment systems in 2022

As the global market slowly recovers from the effect of the Covid pandemic, Danish surface treatment manufacturer, Vetaphone, reports another record year for sales

Although travel became easier than in 2021, this year has brought other challenges for manufacturers in all sectors of the industry.  So Vetaphone is delighted to report a record sales performance that saw its target for the year surpassed shortly into the final quarter, making a fitting tribute to its founding father Verner Eisby, whose centenary occurred earlier in the year.

Speaking for the company, VP Sales & Marketing Kevin McKell explained: “Despite ongoing trading conditions that have been testing, to say the least, we are proud of the way we have coped with delays and component shortages and managed to maintain our customary high level of customer support.  The inherent reliability of our technology is a result of our commitment to ongoing R&D and it’s at times like this that it stands us and our customers in good stead.”

Supporting its bold decision in 2021 to forego trade shows as an exhibitor, the level of enquiries and sales this year has been at a record high across the company’s extensive portfolio of corona and plasma treaters.  Vetaphone’s Showroom and unique Test Lab facilities at the company’s HQ in Denmark have allowed customers to have full demonstrations of the Vetaphone equipment, something that has been well received in 2022. 

Marketing Director Jeannette Woodman explained: “We have taken the demonstration of our products a step further by having powered-up equipment in the showroom.  This has not been possible until now and it offers new and exciting ways to showcase our technology and, in many ways, – be it as one-to-one online customer meetings, Masterclasses, or in person demonstrations”.  The Test Lab adds a new dimension by offering customers the chance to test the performance of substrates prior to a commitment to commercial production.

By adopting a more focused approach to the promotion of its technology and reaching a larger customer base, Vetaphone says it has made better use of resources.  Jeannette Woodman added: “We have an extensive product portfolio that spans a wide range of applications, and our customers are located all over the world.  By analysing the different requirements of each industry sector and geographical region we can be far more specific in our marketing – so it now has a greater relevance to the intended audience.”

Following last year’s record sales total, Vetaphone has exceeded expectations with another bumper year that has confirmed its pre-eminence in the global market for surface treatment.

Kevin McKell puts it into perspective: “We have a great team here that really pulls together when times are tough – and the record year we’ve have enjoyed is testimony to the hard work that has been put in across all departments from sales to production and support – everyone deserves credit!”