Tower Products Releases MILLENNIUM 4500 Innovative Technology Fountain Solution for UV/LED/HUV

Easton, PA – Tower Products, Inc., a leading manufacturer of environmentally sensitive pressroom chemistry has released MILLENNIUM 4500, an advanced and innovative one step fountain solution for  high-speed sheet-fed commercial and packaging presses. This product is yet another Tower technology solution helping printers produce outstanding work for their customers, while at the same time reducing their cost of operation.

MILLENNIUM 4500, has been in beta testing for 5 months and is now available throughout North America. It is a single step product that can be used on presses running up to 18,000 impressions per hour. It performs well with both paper, board and non-porous substrates. The product features an outstanding buffering system and has the ability to give the printer a much faster and cleaner roll up to color, preventing excess substrate waste.  Much of this new and innovative technology is unique materials not traditionally combined when used in fountain solution formulations. The product development was centered on maximizing the performance of the fount in an energy curable environment so that the solution does not interfere with drying. It was also tested in the conventional ink setting with terrific print results.

MILLENNIUM 4500, as well as other Tower pressroom chemical products, are only available through authorized Tower dealers. 

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