TLMI Webinar: March 29, 2022

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In today’s competitive business climate, automation of processes has become more important than ever for the flexo printer. What options do Tag & Label printers have for implementing automation within their prepress, platemaking and mounting departments and what does the future hold? What are the challenges faced by suppliers that will shape this future and challenges faced by printers can be most addressed by prepress automation?

Join us for a panel discussion with 3 industry experts in the fields of prepress software, flexo platemaking and plate mounting where answers to these questions and others will shed light on this hot topic.

-PJ Fronczkiewicz, NA Manager of Technical Marketing and Service, Dupont Cyrel Solutions
-Mike Agness, Executive VP of the Americas, HYBRID Software
-Bruce Hinkel, Technical Sales Manager, AV Flexologic Americas

-Keith Grimm, Vice President, Label Traxx

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