TLMI offers Suppliers the Opportunity to Sponsor Certified Fiber Sourcing Online Course

TLMI announces that the association has hired the Sustainable Packaging Coalition to teach an online course to association members on Thursday, May 12th from 1-2pm EDT. The course, titled The Essentials of Sourcing Fiber, will feature presenters Tom Pollock and Dr. Alyssa Harben, two of our industry’s most esteemed experts on the value of fiber certification and what it means to the printed packaging supply chain. The fee to sponsor the event is $500 and sponsor companies will receive recognition and acknowledgement on event materials. TLMI member sponsors to date include Appvion, Avery Dennison, Maxcess International and Wausau Coated Products.

The course will focus on fiber certification and standards, including the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative), and will be open to all TLMI members as well as non-member companies. Over the past decade, SPC experts have taught The Essentials of Sourcing Fiber to hundreds of industry professionals around the globe.

Rosalyn Bandy, TLMI’s VP of Sustainability, comments, “I’m excited to have Tom Pollock and Dr. Alyssa Harben teaching this course to TLMI members and other industry contacts who want to participate. Tom leads SPC Forest Products, a coalition of companies across industry sectors that are working together to support thriving forests. Alyssa has a PhD in Packaging and during her time in graduate school developed a passion for consumer packaging and labeling research using applied psychology methods. These two professionals are truly some of the foremost experts in their respective fields and having them together teaching this course is an opportunity that every TLMI member should take advantage of.”

TLMI members will be receiving event registration information in the coming weeks and suppliers interested in sponsorships can reach out to