TLMI announces New Sustainability Resources for Association Members

TLMI announces that two of the association’s Sustainability Committee’s subcommittees have launched interactive maps that show the locations of recyclers and waste disposal sites for liner and matrix materials. The release liner subcommittee has launched a map that indicates paper and PET release liner recyclers across the United States and Canada and the matrix subcommittee has launched a map indicating matrix waste byproduct disposal sites. The subcommittees’ goals in making these interactive maps available to association members is to offer companies critical resources as they develop and carry out their own sustainability initiatives. 

Liner subcommittee chair, Adam Frey, Business Manager Roll Sales for Wausau Coated Products, comments, “This map was created to help spread the word that paper and film release liner does not need to end up in landfill and that there are much better options. If you want to be a central part of improving sustainability in our industry to assure its growth for years to come, you should join this awesome team!”

Matrix subcommittee chair, Marco Acevedo, Regional Sales Manager at Precision AirConvey, adds, “This interactive map of environmentally friendly landfill alternatives exemplifies the commitment of TLMI and its productive committees to find sustainability solutions and improve efficiencies to members and non-members alike. The Sustainability Committee and its subcommittees are dedicated to protecting the environment and becoming landfill-free.” 

TLMI started providing association members with sustainability resources that included recyclers and non-landfill matrix disposal sites a decade ago in the association’s Recycling Handbook. The publishing of the handbook was one of the central initiatives of the association’s Sustainability Committee to ensure members had resources available as they began their sustainability journeys and looked for ways to recycle liner waste and to keep matrix byproducts out of landfills. TLMI VP of Sustainability, Rosalyn Bandy, comments, “In making these maps available we are taking some of the sustainability resources that TLMI provides its members to the next level. I hope that companies will take the initiative to explore non-landfill disposal of their byproducts and can use this resource to help their customers. We understand that this is another piece of the sustainability puzzle for converters to figure out, however it’s well worth it to keep their waste out of the landfill and we hope TLMI can be instrumental in this process by offering members these important resources.”

The liner recycling and matrix disposal maps will be available on TLMI’s website in early January 2023.