S-OneLP Meets EMEA High Industry Demand With Silky Matte Film New Thermal Laminating Film Designed to Increase Efficiency 

SARASOTA, Florida (March 16, 2023) – S-One Labels & Packaging is excited to announce BOPP Silky Matte Thermal Laminating Film, a solution specially designed to meet converters’ needs in EMEA. S-OneLP’s warehouse in Europe is a game changer. Now, businesses can get their product faster to start production enabling them to boost revenue. This convenience adds value with the cut of transportation costs and improved efficiency with flexible packaging going to market sooner. 

“The addition of this product to our EMEA portfolio is an added opportunity to help our customers boost growth,” said Gerard Geurts, Business Development and Technical Sales, S-OneLP. “Our competitive price, short lead times, and low MOQs further meet the demands of this market.” 

BOPP Silky Matte Thermal Laminating Film is soft to the touch and tough on performance. Its velvety, smooth feel enhances product selling potential. 

Features and benefits 

  • Soft tactile coating for increased product value 

  • Powerful scratch-resistant finish 

  • Environmental safety- Non-toxic, benzene-free 

  • No VOCs or dangerous substances are produced during lamination. 

  • Silky-matte surface minimizes glare and preserves image color. 

  • Resistant to tear and elongation 

  • Foil stampable for flexible packaging applications 

  • Works with fin seal applications 

  • Strong adhesion prevents ink flaking and stripping after finishing 

  • High efficiency with no post-curing time needed after lamination. 

This product is intended to over-laminate HP Indigo printed flexible packaging films used for applications* such as stand-up pouches, sachets, flow-wraps, and more. Its unique haptics complement S-OneLP’s existing gloss and matte laminate films. 

*Use is determined by package contents supplier and/or brand. 

About S-One Labels and Packaging 

S-One Labels and Packaging uses a channel-partner model, allowing us to take redundant costs out of the channel and provide products with low MOQs and short lead times. This model helps label and packaging converters plan more effectively while providing them with an expanded portfolio of label and packaging supplies solutions. We are the exclusive distributor of Michelman in-line and off-line primers in the U.S., Canada, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg to HP Indigo digital printers. Other key partners include KDX, Cellcoat, and others. For more information, please visit sonelp.com.