S-OneLP Meets EMEA Converter Needs With FlexPaper Barrier Paper

New Products Offer Paper-based Coated Solution for HP Indigo Digital Presses 

SARASOTA, Florida (February 22, 2023) – S-One Labels & Packaging is excited to announce FlexPaper Barrier Paper. This solution is the first paper-based coated structure in the S-OneLP EMEA line specifically designed for HP Indigo Digital Presses. FlexPaper Barrier Paper meets the demand from converters who want to save money, increase profits, print faster and have the ability to place low minimum orders. 

“We are pleased to expand our prelaminated product portfolio offering in EMEA that meets the 

needs of converters wanting to discover new revenue opportunities,” said Gerard Geurts, Business Development and Technical Sales, S-OneLP. “Another added benefit is we do not turnaway small orders for shorter lead times and quick production.” FlexPaper Barrier Paper is manufactured as a multilayer of paper and plastic. The line achieves best results with HP Indigo but also works well with a wide range of flexo press solutions. The new product line provides grease, oil, water vapor, and oxygen barrier properties. Features and benefits 

  • FSC® certified paper component

  • Puncture resistance and heat sealability

  • High opacity

  • Polyethylene/EVOH COEX sealant layer prevents leaking and keeps contentsfresh.

  • Oxygen barrier property extends shelf life of packaged goods.

  • White substrate eliminates need for white ink, which lowers ink costs andprovides faster print speeds.

Product descriptions 

  • S-OneLP FlexPaper Barrier Snack Web- 60 gsm/65 μm – 6 in. core

  • S-OneLP FlexPaper Barrier PLUS Pouch Web 140 gsm/145 μm – 6 in. core

Applications* include stand-up pouches, flat pouches, pillow pouches, sachets, and flow wraps. HP Indigo printable products are suitable for chilled and frozen food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and other perishable products. 

*Use is determined by package contents supplier and/or brand. 

About S-One Labels and Packaging S-One Labels and Packaging uses a channel-partner model, allowing us to takeredundant costs out of the channel and provide products with low MOQs andshorter lead times. This model helps label and packaging suppliers and buyers planmore effectively while providing an expanded portfolio of digitally printed label andflexible packaging solutions. We are the exclusive provider of Michelman in-line andoff-line primers in the U.S., Canada, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, andLuxembourg to HP Indigo digital printers. Other key partners include CharterNex,Futamura, and Kustom Group. Discover more at sonelp.com

Media Contact: Perla Johnson Senior Content Marketing Manager, S-One perla.johnson@sone.com (Office) 941.256.7820 (Mobile) 972.322.1095