RotoMetrics Launches New Flexible Die Portfolio Improving Cut  

By: Maxcess

Oak Brook, Illinois – Maxcess, a global leader in innovative products and services for automated web handling applications, today announced a new RotoMetrics’ Flexible Die portfolio offering. The new RotoMetrics’ Flexible Die line combines the best manufacturing and operational processes of RotoMetrics, Electro Optic and MLC Brazil to offer the right solutions for each and every application.

“We spent a significant amount of time asking our customers the biggest converting challenges they were trying to solve,” noted Kiki Chosid, Regional Vice President of Sales. “And, our customers told us they needed flexible dies specifically engineered for today’s materials, including thinner liners, abrasive materials and inks and the growing use of small blade spaces and intricate patterns, as well as for the sheet fed rotary die cutting markets. We automated and enhanced our manufacturing processes to better manufacture flexible dies to improve blade consistency to ensure reliability and eliminate potential die strike issues. We streamlined our durability and chroming processes to improve flexible die longevity converting abrasive materials and inks.”

As a result, RotoMetrics, a Maxcess brand, offers a customized solution offering industry leading flex die life performance engineered for each application vs. alternative Universal or Singular Cut offerings. The new portfolio consists of the re-engineered improved value and performance SmartFlex series for paper and film, the increased versatility and longevity of the Prime Series for a wider variety of Paper and Film applications, the improved accuracy and longevity of Dura Series for complex film and abrasive applications. In addition, RotoMetrics also has Specialty Dies like GoldLine Special for thin film liner applications and MicroBlade for small and intricate spacing applications. All dies are engineered to work for any press (digital, flexographic, semi rotary) or web converting process line.

About the New RotoMetrics Flexible Die Portfolio:

Complementing the improved automated manufacturing processes globally, RotoMetrics new flexible die portfolio offers additional enhancements, including.

  • Unmatched Press Side Expertise & Support – 6 global manufacturing facilities with enhanced automation and technical service and support in the places you do business. Industry leading in Same Day and Next Day shipping. Additionally, a complete and complementary offering of product solutions and repair services for Dies, Magnetic Cylinders and Anvils.
  • Industry Leading Quality – Enhanced automation minimizes deviations in Total Plate Height and Blade Flat resulting in 25-30% improvement in manufacturing consistency for better die performance against the anvil. Optimization of our Electro Optic legacy patented back grinding processes for enhanced reliability and consistent cutting performance.
  • Enhanced Durability and Longevity – Longer lasting chroming options and vertically integrated and automated chroming processes provide consistency, quality, and faster delivery. RotoMetrics exclusive chroming formulas and application processes offer dies that can last twice as long as the competition on abrasive materials and inks.  Exclusive performance coatings improve die life on abrasive materials and white inks.  Additionally, adding RotoRepel can increase die life up to 3 times depending on the material being converted.
  • Expanded Material Expertise – RotoMetrics offers the largest inventory of raw materials with Flex Die Total Plate Height to 0.060”+ (1.5mm+). Additionally, technical support experts in 92 Gauge (23 Micron) and 75 Gauge (17 Micron) thin film liners.The leader in flexible die innovation. Years of expertise in abrasive materials and inks. All this results in a significantly reduced need for material evaluations with RotoMetrics’ Dies.
  • A Complete Portfolio of Die Cutting Solutions – flexible and solid dies, male / female die sets, base and adjustable automated anvils, magnetic cylinders, print cylinders all designed and engineered to work better together with a true precise matching of complementary components. For example,  the new upgradeable AccuAdjust and automated RotoAdjust with industry 4.0 analytics to optimize converting and increase blade life.
  • Industry Unique Knowledge of the Press from End-to-End – Single source of press side expertise from unwind to rewind knowing how variables (guiding, tension, vision, etc.) impact the web across the converting line or printing press with flexibility to work with Flexographic, Digital, Semi-Rotary and Digitally Printed Substrates Converted with Semi Rotary Converting Lines.