Roland DGA Announces Launch of New VersaOBJECT CO Series UV Flatbed andBelt-Driven Hybrid UV Printers

Irvine, Calif., April 11, 2023 – Wide-format imaging leader Roland DGA has announced the launch of its new VersaOBJECT® CO Series inkjets – advanced flatbed and belt-driven UV printers that combine unsurpassed image quality, outstanding productivity, and unmatched versatility, with legendary Roland DG reliability and ease of use. The newest additions to Roland DG’s innovative line of UV-LED devices, and the first to be introduced under the new “VersaOBJECT” brand line, these next-generation inkjets print directly on a vast array of substrates and three-dimensional items, enabling print providers to significantly expand their applications and product offerings.

Replacing the VersaUV® LEC2 S-Series within Roland DGA’s product lineup, the new VersaOBJECT CO Series offers customers a range of configurations and sizes to suit varying production environments and requirements. Customers can choose from two available flatbed printer widths (30” and 64”) as well as three available bed lengths (F200, F300, or F400). The flatbed models enable print providers and product manufacturers to perform product customization as well as direct-printing on flexible and rigid materials, allowing for an extensive range of merchandising, packaging, sign, and display application opportunities. The two Belt-driven hybrid models (CO-300 B200 and CO-640 B200), which allow for faster loading/unloading and can print on roll media as well as rigid materials and three-dimensional objects, are ideal for those seeking even greater versatility and efficiency.

All CO Series UV printers feature an impressive media height of up to 7.87 inches, making it easy for users to direct-print vibrant, detailed graphics on a wide variety of substrates, including plastic, leather, wood, and cloth. The CO Series printers’ carriage clearance as well as their ability to print directly on gently curved or uneven surfaces makes them perfect for the personalization and customization of consumer products, industrial products and parts, interior décor, signage, POP displays, packaging, and much more. In addition, the belt-driven hybrid models allow printing on items with longer shapes, as well as unique and thicker roll media such as natural or synthetic leather, felt, and rubber mats.

Roland DGA has also introduced two new Rotary Rack accessories – the Rotary Rack XL and Rotary Rack XXL – that further expand the product customization capabilities of the CO Series flatbed and belt-driven UV inkjets. Made in the USA, these durable yet lightweight aluminum attachments allow CO Series users to print quickly and accurately around cylindrical objects ranging from .5 inch to 7.75 inches in diameter, including bottles, glassware, drinking flasks, and more. The Rotary Rack attachments are simple to install and are powered completely by the printer’s gantry, making them extremely cost-efficient. The Rotary Rack XL is designed for use with the 30-inch CO Series flatbed and hybrid printers, while the Rotary Rack XXL attachment, which features two 30-inch racks for increased versatility and production capability, is made for the 64-inch CO Series models.

CO Series printers are engineered to take full advantage of Roland DG’s wide-gamut GREENGUARD Gold certified ECO-UV 5 (EUV5) inks, which cure instantly under the powerful UV-LED lamps. Users can choose from eight different ink configurations to suit their specific needs, including dual CMYK for increased productivity, or CMYK with optional Red, Orange, White, Gloss, and Primer. The White and Gloss specialty inks can be used to incorporate stunning dimensional and textural effects into prints, while the onboard Primer allows for improved adhesion and media compatibility.

All CO Series flatbed and belt-driven hybrid UV printers are equipped with innovative features that optimize overall image quality, performance, and ease of use, such as an intuitive Distance Print Mode that increases print consistency on objects that are flat, irregular, or curved, and a Reverse Blow function that removes material from the bed for clean, efficient production. CO Series printers also boast advanced safety features, including a separate control panel that creates a safe operating area, an emergency stop perimeter around the base and side of the device, and signal beacon that clearly highlights the printer status.

“The unique capabilities of these machines, as well as the various configurations available, make the CO Series perfect for any size print business seeking to grow its product offerings and profits,” said Roland DGA’s UV Product Manager, Jay Roberts, “These incredibly versatile, competitively priced machines allow users to print on just about anything, maximize operational efficiency, and produce vibrant, high-quality output that will please their most demanding customers.” 

Every CO Series UV printer comes with included VersaWorks® 6 software – Roland DG’s most powerful and intuitive RIP to date. This feature-filled software features a Harlequin RIP dual core engine with 64-bit native processing for enhanced speed and file handling, a simple drag-and-drop interface, variable data printing, nesting, cropping and tiling tools, a special Color Plate Generation function that lets you automatically generate White, Gloss, and Primer layers directly in the RIP, and much more.

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