Regulatory Affairs Committee (RAC) Newsletter – Regulatory Actions – Oregon

As highlighted in a recent TLMI Community Sustainability Post, an Oregon task force charged with implementing recommendations resulting from Senate Bill 582, the state’s EPR law, recently issued product labeling recommendations. The label guidance to the legislature is focused on recyclability and similar environmental claims.

Some manner of labeling clarity is included in the majority of considered or approved EPR legislation. The goal is generally two-fold – the first is to reduce consumer confusion as to what is considered recyclable, and the second is to reduce contamination at the sorting facilities, where packaging must be separated for end market purchase.

The task force recommended that recyclability claims be approved for packaging and items included in the forthcoming statewide and local government recycling collection list, should instructions be followed if included for a particular package type. Beverage containers covered in the state’s deposit program, as well as items collected in separate manner (i.e. drop-off), should also follow and include on-package instructions, if directed.

Recycling and environmental claims include also govern the future permissible use of the “chasing arrow” symbol, frequently found on plastics packaging. The task force also increased the pace of potential QR-code adoption for claims, from 10 years out to 5. Current paper and similar labeling that includes package ingredients, nutrition information were not considered as part of the recommendations.