Proprint Turns to Speedmaster CX 104 from HEIDELBERG to Grow Folding Carton Capacity

Kennesaw, Ga. May 11, 2023 – Producing work for some of Canada’s most notable brands, Proprint, a self-described “very small, big company” has flown under the radar as one of Canada’s most proficient print providers throughout much of its thirty-year history. But over the last decade of building up its in-store retail display and folding carton business,the company is looking to move to the next level of long-run folding carton production. The Scarborough, Ontario based company, who prides itself on fast turnaround times with exceptional customer service, recently installed a new Speedmaster CX 104-6+L from HEIDELBERG to complement its current six-color Speedmaster CD 102. Proprint’s new press is one of five CX 104s to be installed in Canada in the last 12 months – making it the new “go to” press for Canadian commercial and packaging printers alike. 

Previously equipped with only one offset press, Proprint shied away from what it deemed “longer” run folding carton jobs that could monopolize time on press. “We like to be able to react on a dime for our customers,” said Richard Krakower, CEO of Proprint. The company’s average turnaround time from receiving a print-ready file to live production on press is usually only 24 hours. Wanting to maintain this exceptional speed-to-market while doubling its offset print capacity, Proprint completed installation of a six-color Speedmaster CX 104 earlier this year. Now, according to Krakower, with the new “beast” CX 104, “If we get a run that’s 100,000 or 200,000 sheets, we’ll be able to accommodate the job without interrupting our core business.” To fully maximize its overall efficiency, Proprint is also planning a complete refurbishment of its CD 102 once the new CX 104 is running at full capacity.

Proprint, whose retail kits require printing on a variety of different materials in varying quantities, is looking forward to the flexibility of having two Speedmaster presses on the shop floor. “Our CD 102 still prints magnificently,” said Krakower, “and with the efficient makereadies of the new CX 104, we get to decide where we print each job – regardless of run length.” The new press is fully equipped with HEIDELBERG’s latest technology, which includes autonomous Push-to-Stop technology, AutoPlate Pro, and a completely new operating philosophy, the HEIDELBERG User Experience (UX). Coupled with the patented Intellistart 3 and other assistance systems, HEIDELBERG UX ensures short makeready times and the best possible support for press operators throughout the press run. “Our entire team is very excited about this new technology and proud to have it on the plant floor,” said Krakower. 

While Proprint’s CD 102 is equipped with Prinect Image Control for color measurement, the company opted for the completely inline Prinect Inpress Control 3 for its newest press. Purchasing the CX 104 without Inpress Control – the industry’s leading inline spectrophotometer that measures and controls color and registers on the fly at any speed, delivering the first measurable result in less than 60 sheets – was not an option for Krakower. “From a makeready perspective, Inpress Control takes offset printing to almost a digital press level.” Continuously scanning sheets for color deviations as they run through the press, Inpress Control’s automated technology not only saves makeready time and waste sheets but also is helpful as the company brings on new press operators. “Inpress Control enables us to take someone with a digital printing background and train them to run an offset press in a much shorter period of time,” said Krakower.

Proprint, who originally began as a print broker and later transitioned into production, purchased its first HEIDELBERG press in 1999. “The first sheet we ran through our first HEIDELBERG press was on Valentine’s Day,” said Krakower. “Since then, I’ve never had a doubt that HEIDELBERG is the best of the best.” In addition to running HEIDELBERG presses, Proprint is also a long time Prinect and POLAR user. According to Krakower, “The longevity, quality, and heritage behind HEIDELBERG products is second to none. It’s hard to compete with perfection.”