Navee Redefines Brand Protection with AI-Powered Solution for Combating Online Counterfeits

By: Navee

With continuous 24/7 operation, Navee GPT enables large-scale, high-quality moderation across various brands and industries with an online presence, setting new standards for speed, efficiency, and accuracy of counterfeit detection.

If counterfeit production were a country, it would be the sixth-largest emitter of CO2 globally. With 40% of luxury merchandise sold online being fake, the impact of counterfeit production on not only the economy but also the environment should be taken seriously. At the forefront of combating this is Navee, offering an AI-driven GPT solution that helps top global brands defend their reputation and protect their triple bottom line.

“Today, creating thousands of counterfeit listings is simpler and cheaper than detecting just one,” explains Matteo Amerio, co-founder and CEO of Navee.

Navee GPT is a large-scale language model (LLM) that allows high-risk counterfeit listings to be automatically monitored around-the-clock, 365 days a year. This new advancement complements Navee’s earlier innovation, the CVAN (Collaborative Visual Authentication Network). CVAN has been instrumental in proactively blocking counterfeits at the point of upload through semi-exact image matching and shared insights. Together, Navee GPT and CVAN enhance listing moderation efficiency, reducing average processing times by up to tenfold. This combination identifies and evaluates suspicious content, reducing counterfeiting by as much as 90% without the need for human intervention.

The integration of Navee GPT, with its advanced automation capabilities, could enable the processing of up to 15,000 counterfeit cases per month for each of its customers, thereby potentially tripling the efficiency of analyst teams. By conducting prompt and precise analysis while helping brands trim operational costs, this solution becomes an indispensable tool for organizations seeking to streamline their content moderation processes. By speeding up and improving the quality of counterfeit takedowns, Navee contributes to overall efforts to protect brands from counterfeiters.

Drawing on its extensive moderation history and structured training protocols, Navee GPT is designed to enable high-quality, large-scale moderation. Navee’s aim is not to eliminate human moderation but to enhance its accuracy and efficiency via automation. This approach is crucial given the ease and speed with which counterfeit listings are uploaded and spread. This approach stands to change the rapid rate at which counterfeit listings can be uploaded and circulated. By enhancing the detection and management process, the startup wants to stop how simple it is for counterfeiters to exploit the internet to generate and spread fake content.