Maxcess Launches the RotoMetrics RotoAdjust Intelligent Die Station Solution 

An automated solution to easily control liner variation while storing and recalling common jobs, providing critical Industry 4.0 analytics, and offering single-click re-ordering of worn die station components, the RotoAdjust gives customers a smarter die station solution.

Oak Brook, Illinois, January 17, 2023- Maxcess, a global leader in innovative products and services for web handling applications, today unveiled the RotoMetrics RotoAdjust Intelligent Die Station Solution. Featuring an easy-to-use touchscreen for next-generation operators, critical industry 4.0 alerts and analytics of the entire die station and the ability to re-order worn components directly through, the RotoAdjust leads the industry for smart die station control. 

“We designed the new RotoAdjust from the ground-up with our global R&D team who has spent decades designing and shipping automated web handling solutions from our storied brands of Fife and Tidland,” said Nadine Powell, Global Product Manager for RotoMetrics, a Maxcess Brand. “This solution gives customers an intuitive and powerful tool to control liner variation that they are seeing daily. The RotoAdjust lets you work smarter, with its industry-leading Industry 4.0 analytics that alerts operators to failure points and highlights worn die station components, while directly interfacing with our e-commerce platform for single-click re-ordering.”

Featuring an intuitive color touchscreen operator interface with state-of-the-art software that can easily store and recall common jobs and backed by a global service and support infrastructure to ensure you are taken care of after installation, the new RotoAdjust provides customers with an industry 4.0 intelligent die station solution that is both easy-to-use and extremely accurate. In addition, the RotoAdjust provides analytics from the entire die station, something unheard of in the industry today. This gives operators access to critical data such as die station revolutions, material usage, pressure information, setup and run times, and more to run smarter. When critical components are projected to wear out beyond recommended operation, operators receive alerts and can automatically re-order through the e-commerce portal with a single click, giving customers the ability to perform proactive maintenance to reduce downtime and scrap.

See the new RotoAdjust in action now: RotoAdjust in action!

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