Mark Andy, Inc., a leading global in-line, flexo and digital printing technology innovator, announces PRO Series, a new class of fully servo-driven presses that expands the long line of proven printing solutions.  Designed to optimize single-pass pressure sensitive label printing, the PRO Series delivers extremely low operating costs with a proven print station design, built-in sMArt link production monitoring system, and distinct features that reduce operating costs and improve profit margins.   

PRO Series embraces the award-winning attributes of the Mark Andy Performance Series with economics and efficiency in mind.  This modular and flexible platform has been enhanced for pressure sensitive label applications and is available globally.  PRO Series is CE certified.  

PRO Series is configured and built to modernize the pressroom floor, driving efficiencies for shorter run work in larger operations and allowing small and medium label businesses to find a clear path to operational improvements.  It is an easy-to-operate machine for both seasoned operators and new trainees, PRO Series can help overcome today’s labor challenges.  

From the ground up, PRO Series maximizes waste savings and drastically reduces set-up/changeover times.  Then, incorporating efficient energy reducing components with distinct configurations PRO Series reveals an outstanding label print solution that delivers high quality products with a low total cost of ownership. 

UPGRADE TO DIGITAL – The modular Mark Andy PRO Series carries future value for adopters of the technology, as well.  The system is designed and built as an upgradeable ‘flexo-to-hybrid’ solution.  PRO Series possesses the ability to upgrade to a digital hybrid label press using Mark Andy Digital Pro MAX technology with the unique ability to run Left to Right to a Right to Left web paths.   

EASY ADOPTION – Mark Andy, Your Total Solutions Partner, has created a variety of options to make it easy for business owners who are looking to upgrade their pressrooms from older, first-generation in-line equipment.  Unique tooling and press room accessory kits can be included with overall capital investment, to help maximize profit and productivity goals right after installation.   

MEET THE PRO SERIES AT LABELEXPO EUROPE – The new PRO Series flexo press will be featured live at Labelexpo Europe, September 11-14, 2023, at Brussels Expo in Belgium.  Visitors will have the first up-close view of the platform and will feature LIVE demonstrations daily.  

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