Magnomer’s Magnetizable Inks Earn APR Responsible Innovation Recognition for Recyclability of PET-G Shrink Sleeves

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., June 26, 2023 – The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) has granted Responsible Innovation Recognition to Magnomer Inc. for its Magmark™ SS magnetizable coatings applied to PET-G shrink films for labeling of PET containers. The APR recognition, based on a high-volume commercial scale recyclability test for shrink sleeves, demonstrates that Magnomer’s novel magnetizable coatings technology is expected to be compatible with the sortation and reclaiming steps commonly used for the recycling of PET containers.

The APR evaluation demonstrates that Magmark SS when applied to PET-G shrink sleeve labels allows for effective removal from PET flake and thus solves a chronic issue for the shrink sleeve industry. The coatings do not interfere with automated NIR sorting of PET bottles and permits the use of caustic-resistant inks on PET-G label films. “APR is pleased to recognize Magnomer’s Magmark SS Coating applied to PET-G shrink films for labeling PET containers,” said Steve Alexander, APR President and CEO.

Magnomer’s magnetizable inks are a new approach to imparting sortability to plastic packaging, The drop-in ink technology resolves plastic sorting and recycling challenges and has been commercially launched in partnership with leading consumer brands, label suppliers, and recyclers. Magnomer obtained the APR recognition in conjunction with several partner companies including a leading beverage maker and shrink sleeve supplier. Other partners included Evergreen Recycling and Indorama Ventures.

“We’re thrilled to receive this APR recognition for our new and innovative approach to enhancing recyclability for plastics packaging,” said Ravish Majithia, Magnomer’s Co-Founder and CEO. “Our printable magnetizable inks are a design tool which allows consumer brands and manufacturers to enable better packaging recyclability without changes to manufacturing.”

The separation of labels using magnets not only serves the all-important purpose of contamination reduction, but also represents an opportunity to recycle the label itself, according to Greg Johnson, Chief Operating Officer at Evergreen Recycling.

“Such innovations which make use of existing equipment to further improve rPET quality are commendable and should be welcomed in the PET recycling industry,” said Byron Geiger, Head of Operations at Indorama Ventures Sustainable Solutions

Magnomer’s patented magnetizable inks can be seamlessly integrated into current packaging, improving separation in existing recycling operations. Resolving technical problems in material segregation leads to higher-quality recycled products and better economics, according to Majithia. “This is how we can transition from downcycling to true circular recycling,” said Majithia.

Magnomer’s magnetizable coatings are scalable and complement current high-speed printing with no impact to operations. These cost-effective inks impart magnetic functionality and are cost-equivalent to adding a color to brand artwork. They do not affect brand artwork or design, comply with all relevant safety regulations for indirect food contact, and are designed to not bleed during wash steps in recycling operations.

Magnomer’s magnetizable coatings, which are printed just like another color on packaging, accelerate the circular use of packaging. The Magmark™ ink platform drives circularity for a wide range of packaging formats including shrink sleeves, pressure-sensitive labels, and multilayer packaging.

Magmark™ SS Inks are specifically designed to achieve magnetic separation of shrink sleeves while meeting performance requirements. Magmark SS has been successfully tested at production scale with 99%+ sleeve separation at commercial PET reclaimers.