Machine Vision Optics

By: Advanced Technologies, A HHV Group Company

HHV Advanced Technologies manufactures a range of optics such as plano windows, prisms, wedges, mirrors, spherical lenses, domes and aspherics for UV, visible and IR ranges. These optics can be coated with single wavelength or broad-band anti-reflection coatings, dichroic beam splitter coatings with customized transmission to reflection ratios, and metallic mirror coatings consisting of Aluminum, Silver or Gold.


  • Spherical & aspherical lenses
  • Windows with ARC
  • First surface mirrors 
  • Metal mirrors with Al, brass & steel
  • Prisms & cubes


  • Single & broadband anti-reflection coating from 400-1500nm
  • Metal reflective coating: Aluminium,silver, and gold.
  • Beam splitter coating in the ratio of 90/10,80/20,70/30,60/40 & 50/50.

Spectral Graph – Machine vision optics

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