INX International invests in Debut Bio to accelerate development of sustainable inks via biomanufacturing

Schaumburg, IL – June 12, 2023 – INX International Ink Co. has completed an investment in Debut, a vertically integrated synthetic biology company that is developing innovative and complex active ingredients for natural colors, among other materials.

Debut’s proprietary biomanufacturing platform uses “cell-free” and other advanced approaches, such as continuous biomanufacturing, to address the limitations of traditional methods, dramatically reducing the need for space, water, and expensive and unsustainable inputs. In addition to producing rare, high-value, and novel compounds, Debut’s technology also improves traditional ingredient manufacturing. By overcoming the limitations of cell-based fermentation, Debut can produce high-value ingredients rapidly and more sustainably.

As an investor, INX plans to leverage its technical and market expertise to help Debut identify attractive product applications and evaluate ingredient performance requirements, all in service of developing and delivering natural, lab-developed ingredients that meet customer performance and sustainability requirements.

Shane Bertsch, INX Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning and Innovation, said, “INX and Debut share a common goal of designing and delivering more sustainable materials at scale. Debut’s hybrid biomanufacturing technology platform presents a new path forward for bio-based colors, and we are excited to partner with the Debut team to explore opportunities in the inks and coatings space.”

Joshua Britton, Debut’s Founder and CEO, said “We appreciate INX’s support and belief in our mission, and look forward to partnering with the INX team to identify areas where our synthetic biology platform can address customer needs.”

In May 2022, INX established a $50M INX Venture Capital investment program to support technology and materials science startups that are relevant to the printing inks and coatings value chain. Debut represents INX’s third closed investment since the launch of the program. 

“We established our corporate VC fund to accelerate growth for promising startups that are connected to INX’s strategic missions,” said Bryce Kristo, INX President and CEO. “We see Debut Bio as an emerging leader in the synthetic biology space that can play a key role in moving ingredients and materials to a more sustainable, circular economy.”


About INX International Ink Co.

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About Debut

Debut is an unconventional innovation company, setting a new standard for the next generation of beauty. With breakthrough technology, Debut’s team of expert scientists and brand specialists work to develop novel bioactive skincare ingredients and products at unprecedented rates through their scalable creation model. With a human-centric and climate-positive approach, Debut is committed to creating purposeful brands that push humanity forward. Learn more at