Flexo Wash New Narrow Web Machines Available NOW for Immediate Delivery

Louisville, KY – With lead times growing in this current delayed supply chain economy, Flexo Wash is pleased to announce that it has several new narrow web cleaning systems available NOW for immediate delivery before the end of the year.

 Current inventory onsite:

2 Liquid Anilox Cleaners

1 Laser Anilox Cleaner

1 Plate Washer

2 Parts Washers

1 Recirculation Unit

1 Screen Washer

All machines are brand new from 2022 and available for immediate delivery.

In addition, purchasers can take advantage of the current 2022 tax law that offers 100% bonus depreciation with no cap on amount of equipment purchased. This will be the last year for 100% bonus depreciation unless Congress makes changes; 2023 bonus depreciation is only 80%.

Please visit our website for more details here https://www.flexowashus.com/machines-available-now