EMT prefers Vetaphone corona technology

Jim Driscoll with Vetaphone corona treater and web cleaner units fitted to EMT’s Rotocontrol 2.0 Hybrid narrow web converting line

“Vetaphone has been our preferred corona treater supplier since we fitted their first unit in 2013,” said Jim Driscoll, Executive Vice President of EMT International.  His comment relates to the strong working partnership that has built up between the two companies, and was most recently highlighted in Chicago, where the Danish manufacturer’s technology scored a double hit with both a web cleaner and a corona treater fitted to EMT’s Rotocontrol 2.0 Hybrid narrow web line at Labelexpo.

Founded 80 years ago in Green Bay as a toolmaking shop, EMT has grown to become an internationally renowned manufacturing business that’s now based in Hobart, Wisconsin and employs more than 200 staff.  Today, the company is known for its engineering and technical prowess in providing solutions for continuous web handling, specifically but not exclusively to the graphics and label markets, and this was significantly increased with the acquisition of Rotocontrol GmbH based in Siek, Germany, in 2016.

Asked why the company chose Vetaphone when American options were available and close-by, Jim Driscoll commented: “Everything about the technology spells quality – ease of use, reliability, and great local support – it was not a difficult decision to make, and we have never regretted it.”  Both Corona Treater and Web Cleaner draw praise for their simplicity of operation, with good and quick access to the working parts that need regular cleaning and occasional maintenance.  “All machines need looking after to perform at their best and the design of the Vetaphone units demonstrate that care and attention to the operator’s needs have been a high priority,” he added.

In particular, Driscoll draws attention to the simple and intuitive touch panel that operates both the Treater and the Cleaner.  “It’s indicative of the thought and care that Vetaphone has put into their design and manufacture – the fact that they can offer it as a competitively-priced solution speaks volumes.”  Former EMT staff member and now Vetaphone agent for the area Jeff Messenger commented: “EMT-Rotocontrol is a great business, so the opportunity to provide the company with sales and service support on surface treatment from the market leader made for the perfect marriage – and I’m keen to see how we can build on this cooperative partnership going forward.”