DIPCO Expands W&H Catch Tray Insert Offerings

Delta, CO, 8/28/2023 –  DIPCO, the leader in “Quick Change” ink pan liner systems,  announces the introduction of catch tray inserts for three Windmӧller & Hӧlscher press models.  The disposable tray inserts, developed to aid in decreasing press downtime, are manufactured using a highly durable, non-conductive PET film.  Designed to fit the contours of the OEM catch tray, liner construction allows for watertight corners and easy draining.  These timesaving products are now available for select Astraflex, Miraflex and Vistaflex models.

The use of tray inserts streamlines catch tray cleaning to mere seconds,  eliminating the need for increased labor,  water resources, and harsh chemicals traditional cleaning methods rely on in today’s printing operation.  Inserts also prevent ink contamination caused by improperly washed pans and drain hoses, saving money on added ink expenditures.

For more information on our new offerings , or any of our hundreds of eco-friendly time-saving pan liner & catch tray products, visit www.dipwordlwide.com or contact us at 970.874.2852.