BOBST’s sustainability solutions in the spotlight at October events

This coming October will see BOBST present its sustainability-ready technologies at three separate events across Europe. The company will be showcasing its extensive know-how and technical capabilities in substrate functionality and process performance, which enable converters to maximize opportunities and take transformative steps towards a circular economy.

In addition to daily presentations and displays at the K show in Düsseldorf, BOBST is extending its reach by inviting flexible packaging converters to visit two Open Houses at its European Competence Centers – one taking place in Bielefeld, Germany, and the other in Manchester in the UK.

“The focus at all three locations will be on exploring the possibilities for packaging manufacturers to proactively meet the fast-evolving market demands and their related challenges, not only in terms of sustainability but across all the elements of the BOBST Vision – connectivity, digitalization and automation,” explains Sara Alexander, Marketing & Communication Manager, Flexible Packaging at BOBST.

Barrier Paper Solutions Open House

Bobst Manchester, UK, 18 October 2022

The Manchester Open House will demonstrate the latest achievements in developing viable fibre-based packaging solutions. Aptly titled Barrier Paper Solutions: A New Opportunity for the Flexible Packaging Market, the event will take visitors step by step through the development of the FibreCycle solution by BOBST and the project ecosystem of partners, which comprises UPM and Michelman. Developed within the scope of the oneBARRIER family of solutions, it responds to the escalating interest in paper packaging and delivers an industrially viable mono-material paper solution that utilizes the synergies between wet dispersion coating and dry vacuum coating technologies to produce high-barrier, recycle-ready flexible packaging.

K 2022 Trade Fair

Messe Düsseldorf, Germany, 19–26 October 2022

Sustainability and connectivity will take center stage on the BOBST stand (Hall 4, A39) at K 2022 in Düsseldorf. Interactive displays and video presentations will show how BOBST is making sustainability in packaging a reality through groundbreaking innovations and exceptional support.

BOBST and partner companies Dow, Michelman, Sun Chemical and Zermatt will be on hand to discuss the development of the PE mono-material oneBARRIER PrimeCycle solution, a recycle-ready, industry-viable alternative to non-recyclable metallized film. The partners will illustrate how their contribution to the project guaranteed a successful result.

Visitors will also be brought up to date on other advances under the wide scope of the oneBARRIER project, including the extensive testing program that led to the introduction of the high-barrier and recycle-ready fibre-based oneBARRIER FibreCycle solution, which has been developed with UPM and Michelman. There will also be updates on other collaborative projects with different ecosystems of partnerships falling under the BOBST pillars of sustainability.

The capabilities of BOBST Connect will also be highlighted. The user-centric platform, which can be shared by all BOBST equipment, links all steps of the workflow processes, and improves efficiency, control and data knowledge to drive quality and productivity across the entire value chain.

One Complete Solution Open House

Bobst Bielefeld, Germany, 19–22 and 24–26 October 2022

The program of the Bielefeld event will demonstrate the unique advantage of BOBST as the only manufacturer that can provide all equipment and processes for end-to-end flexible packaging production. A very wide range of different integrated workflows, equipment and process combinations are gathered as “One Complete Solution” which will allow visitors to experience a fully optimized flexible packaging workflow in action: from pre-press and flexo plate production, through to automatic plate mounting and setting, printing on the VISION CI flexo press, quality control with BOBST DIT digital inspection table and solventless lamination on the NOVA SX 550 LAMINATOR. BOBST flagship MASTER CI flexo press featuring advanced robotics for a fully automated press setup will also be shown in a separate demonstration. All orchestrated by BOBST Connect.

“We are ready to show BOBST’s transformative technologies which will offer flexible packaging manufacturers new capabilities for improving the productivity, quality and sustainability of their processes and prepare their businesses for the future of packaging production,” concludes Sara Alexander.

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