AWT Introduces Fully Recyclable Reseal Flexible Package at World of Wipes International Conference

Minneapolis, MN – AWT Labels & Packaging has announced the addition of a fully recyclable resealable flexible package for consumer goods applications. The construction was formally introduced at the recent World of Wipes International Conference in Chicago.

The complete recycle-ready package solution, with AWT’s proprietary and internally engineered reseal label structure, is the only product of its kind in the marketplace.

“In working with various CPG companies and contract manufacturers, we have seen a steady increase in demand for a fully recyclable package, particularly for wipes products,” said Michael Scott, Sales Executive at AWT.  “It really is a game-changer for wipes packaging and other products requiring a reliable reseal capability.”

While the original project to develop the recyclable package and reseal label combination was driven by the needs of the disposable wipes sector, AWT believes other products could benefit from this structure.

For more information, contact AWT at 612-706-3700.