Label Leaders of Tomorrow: LLT

About the Label Leaders of Tomorrow (LLT): 

The Label Leaders of Tomorrow (LLT) is a group of self-described “younger” industry leaders within TLMI. LLT is intended to help build connections with peers in the industry and provide a space where leaders can collaborate, exchange ideas, and grow. If you’re new to TLMI, looking to meet similar folks in the industry, or simply like to have a good time, LLT is your place!

Our purpose is to be a space where emerging leaders within TLMI gather, grow, and share ideas for the betterment of the label industry and our own personal/professional development. 

Our three overarching goals are:


Provide a space for new and current TLMI members to find community at TLMI events and connect with valuable contacts in the industry

Learning & Growth

Provide learning and mentorship opportunities for members to grow in their industry knowledge


Empower and enable members to contribute fresh ideas to pressing industry challenges, partly through joining TLMI committees.

LLT in-person training at Avery Dennison (July 17-19)

It’s a 1.5-day learning experience with networking opportunities as well as a full course of professional development & industry training. Attendance is capped at 30 people and will cost less than $200 (plus hotel & airfare). The registration for this event should be coming out soon so keep an eye out if you’re interested! 

TLMI Annual Meeting: 

We’re creating a separate LLT track to have at TLMI’s Annual Meeting. This is still TBD so keep an eye out for more info. We also always have some sort of social event at each TLMI gathering. Since the next meeting is in Colorado, we’ll probably do a group hike and a happy hour or something along those lines! 

Upcoming Events:

LLT Mentorship: 

We have a mentorship program where we connect LLT members with experienced TLMI members. We choose mentors who have relevant experience in the mentees’ field or requested area of expertise. If you’re interested in this, please sign up here