Our Goal

Our most important goal in TLMI is to support the label industry. New members are voted on by the TLMI Board of Directors and must meet the following requirement… Be passionate, engaged, and dedicated to making the label industry better. Let’s rethink past ideals and grow together. TLMI has come a long way in our 85+ years and we hope you will be part of our collective journey.

Our Benefits



Networking Opportunities

With TLMI membership you are able to attend our highly regarded events. Whether it is an in-person meeting in California or an online webinar on sustainability, members will have exclusive access to C Suite Executives and Thought Leaders in the industry. Members also have access to TLMI’s database of members.


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TLMI Center of Excellence

Our latest initiative, TLMI Center of Excellence, will be a multifaceted and all encompassing with the single goal of label leadership. The umbrella of the “TLMI Center of Excellence” is made up of several components; knowledge sharing, best practices, case studies, past presentations/webinars, and much more.


Market Intelligence

TLMI prides itself on the best of the best market information to keep your company informed. All data is collected by third party partnerships to ensure anonymity and reliable data. Market information is given to members in a variety of forms whether through reporting, webinars, or in person speakers. We highly encourage Converters/Printers to learn more about the Management Ratio Report, which is touted as one of the key benefits to membership.



Supplier Resources

Suppliers make up half of TLMI membership. To make our label ecosystem as robust as possible we rely heavily on engaged supplier members. To ensure an ROI for suppliers, TLMI host numerous networking events throughout the year, offer database consultancy, supplier studies, and much more. On a quarterly basis, TLMI reaches out to Supplier Members, for their thoughts and suggestions for a complete offering.

we are excited to welcome you

Please reach out to any of us at TLMI HQ and see if membership is right for you