2021 Sustainability Award Winners

2021 Sustainability Awards

Since 2002, the TLMI Sustainability Leadership Awards have recognized association members who have consistently demonstrated a commitment to progressive sustainability practices across a range of areas including solid waste reduction, recycling, waste or energy recovery, the implementation of new ‘clean’ technology and/or processes and the implementation of an educational program.

In 2020, the Sustainability Leadership Awards Committee redesigned the award application process to recognize sustainability achievements and efforts at all levels, regardless of where a company might be on their evolving sustainability journey. Companies can submit applications in the following three categories: The Trailhead Award (For companies in the early stages of their sustainability journey), The Journey Award (For companies that are further along in their sustainability journey), and The Elevation Award (For companies with sophisticated in-house sustainability programs and that are making a significant industry impact).



With a record number of entries, this year’s Calvin Frost Sustainability Leadership was one to remember. An absolutely huge thank you to all 25 applicants (you read that right!!! 25!).


2021 Winners


Elevation Award

Systech-Elevation Sustainability Award
Pictured: Tessa Eastman and Calvin Frost

Multi-Color Corporation-Elevation Sustainability Award
Pictured: Philip Martinez and Calvin Frost

Hub Labels-Elevation Sustainability Award
Pictured: Calvin Frost and Thomas Dahbura

Journey Award


AWT Labels & Packaging-Journey Sustainability Award
Pictured: Michelle Zeller and Calvin Frost

S-One Labels & Packaging-Journey Sustainability Award
Pictured: Calvin Frost, Tom Hauenstein, Jim Sheibley


 Trailhead Award


Special Recognition

FLEXcon-Trailhead Sustainability Award
Pictured: Lavon Winkler and Calvin Frost


MacArthur Corporation-Special Recognition
Pictured: Thomas Barrett and Jim Sheibley