More MailerBAGs, please! Mondi invests to meet growing eCommerce demand

  • Mondi is investing over €16 million at its Krapkowice plant in Poland to increase production of its MailerBAG range.

  • Investment comes in response to demand for sustainable packaging from growing eCommerce industry.

  • MailerBAG lines in Poland ideally placed to serve customers across the whole of Europe.

  • Mondi’s eCommerce portfolio is widely recognised as a supplier of economic, efficient and easy packaging solutions using base materials that are sustainable by design.

27 June 2023 – Mondi, a global leader in sustainable packaging and paper, is investing over €16 million in its Krapkowice plant in Poland in response to demand for sustainable packaging from the eCommerce industry.

Durable, lightweight as well as puncture and tear-resistant, Mondi’s MailerBAGs are cost-effective for customers to transport as they save space and weight. Available in a range of sizes, the bags are easy to open and close making them ideal for delivery and returns. Excellent printability also ensures brands can communicate their key messages to consumers easily.

The Krapkowice plant is dedicated to the production of Mondi’s MailerBAGs, and based in Poland, is ideally located to serve the whole of Europe. This investment will more than double Mondi’s MailerBAG production capacity for 2023 in Poland and will include a new production line.

Mondi has a broad eCommerce offering, across its corrugated and flexible packaging businesses, which includes its MailerBAG solution. The MailerBAGs are made from Mondi’s kraft paper, which is made from responsibly sourced fibres, and produced and converted in-house – a benefit of the Group’s integrated value chain. In addition, the bags are designed to be recycled in conventional paper recycling streams across Europe, making them the ideal alternative to plastic mailers.

Thierry De-Vleminck, MailerBAG Director, Mondi Paper Bags, says: “Consumers are becoming more concerned about packaging materials, with research showing around 70% willing to pay more for best-fit packaging[1]. The growing eCommerce market needs a strong supply of quality packaging that has a real focus on sustainability, which is what we deliver, a bespoke solution for every customer, every time.”

Bogdan Rozio, Regional Manager Central and Eastern Europe and Managing Director Poland, Mondi Paper Bags, adds: “We’re delighted to be investing further in the eCommerce industry and in our Krapkowice plant. It contributes to our MAP2030 commitment to make all our packaging solutions reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025, and allows us to respond to the market demand in this key region.”