Autumn Graphics completes Miraclon Certification for FLEXCEL NX Plates across Canadian & US locations

Autumn Graphics Ltd. has successfully completed the latest Miraclon Certification Program for KODAK FLEXCEL NX Plates at all locations in Canada and the United States. The certification program evaluates FLEXCEL NX System users’ ability to meet stringent international flexo platemaking standards set by Miraclon. It represents a feature set that drives industry-leading efficiency, repeatability, and consistent quality in flexo platemaking, and is also supported by extensive data measurement and analysis.

Autumn Graphics has been a FLEXCEL NX Plate provider since it was introduced in 2008, and has been utilizing the consistency, efficiency and quality benefits offered by FLEXCEL NX Plates for 15 years. “Our printer customers come to us with the expectation of adding value and efficiency to their print processes. FLEXCEL NX Plates are one of the components we provide in support of that expectation,” says Ben Abray, President of Autumn Graphics.

Ben continues: “The Miraclon Certification for FLEXCEL NX Plates has always been a very important part of our own quality control standards and allows us to demonstrate consistency in what we deliver across all our sites. It is also essential to provide our customers with extra peace of mind. By completing the certification program at regular intervals, it helps ensure our platemaking processes continue to meet the high international standards set by Miraclon, and I’m proud of our prepress teams for completing it with flying colors, once again.”